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Lydia – Oct 21, 2020

Victim Location 33980

Total money lost $749

Type of a scam Other

Do not initiate a conversation online with this company as they can trace you and will work everything in a secure private email that they can lock you out of any time so that you can not see your information. This company is very disrespectful with negligence with communications and delivering the products purchased. Will talk a big game and get your money then you are lucky to get them on the phone. They will toss you around and ridicule you and never refund your monies as they say is being processed in 7-10 days and 4 months later, there is no refund. I have gotten angry on the phone and voiced my opinion and the employee threatened me with one more statement and he will see to it that I don’t get a dime back…..well folks, in all honesty this company has got to be a scam because I have never had anyone talk to me like that or be threatened by a professional business….but then again, I’ve been fortunate not to run into a scammer company as such. BEWARE and STEER CLEAR! They deserve to sink and suffer, not steal from people!

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