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Molly – Oct 26, 2020

I ordered a sweater from them for Halloween and it took a month to ship out. I finally received it a week before Halloween but it was a completely different quality. In the image it’s supposed to be a comfy sweatshirt material and in reality it’s a crappy fake polyester type material you would find at a Christmas display for fake snow on the ground. It looks like something I could find at the dollar store. I asked for a full refund but they won’t give me one. There emails are suspicious and have terrible wording. They want me to ship it back to China and get a tracking ID but that alone would be $30. I payed for the sweater for $34. They should let me throw it in the trash and give me a full refund because they lied about the quality of the shirt. They also keep saying the same things in the emails as if it is a automated message or something. The photo the model is wearing the sweater is what it is supposed to look like and the other photo is what I received! Two different things! This is disappointing and a waste of my time and money.

Caroline – Oct 06, 2020

I definitely think this site is a scam. I ordered 2 sweaters from them about three weeks ago and still had heard nothing from them. I reached out to them asking when my order would ship as I was hoping to get it in time to give to someone, they replied saying they were sorry for the delay and it would ship in three days. After another week I reached out to them again saying I had been waiting a really long time and I would like a tracking number so I had some sort of reassurance. They then replied saying one of the items I ordered was out of stock and my order would be further delayed. I don’t know why it took them several weeks to tell me this, or why they didn’t contact me first about the issue… seems like they just had an excuse every time and at this point I just think it’s a scam. I told them I just wanted a full refund so we’ll see if that ever happens…
Don’t buy from this site.
I’m pretty sure it’s a scam.
If it’s not a scam, then it’s just incredibly unprofessional and slow.

Jacob – Sep 12, 2020

Victim Location 11590

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company came up all over my facebook page so I ordered 2 shirts for my daughter. I ordered on August 23rd. They took the money right away. 2 weeks later still no tracking or shipping email I emailed them, they told me the items were out of stock and it would be another 5 to 7 days. I emailed 2 days ago because still nothing. I was told one of my items was out of stock and I should replace it with something else. Any type of business would have communicated with me that the item was out of stock not wait for me to email and ask where my items are. Then I emailed saying I want a full refund to which they replied my items have already gone out. Really? How is that possible when you just told me yesterday one of them were out of stock and I still have no shipping info. I have already reported them to Facebook. I intend to call my bank. They claim they are in Jefferson GA but their stuff is coming from China.

Holly – Oct 06, 2020

Sounds like we had the same experience with them. Super disappointing!

Brooke – Oct 01, 2020

Hi! I’ve also ordered from them about a month ago. I still haven’t heard anything. Have you received your order? Or at least a tracking number?

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