London Beauty, LLC

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Vincent –

Victim Location 54494

Total money lost $89.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The company offers you a free trial of their products with small fee of $4.99 for shipping and handling for each product with the ability to cancel up to 18 days later. Both products were ordered together via a pop-up advertisement. They were purchased and billed to us on January 25th arriving together in the same package some 4-6 days later from P.O.Box 35530, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. The packaging of each product nearly identical labeling which the differences were only in that they were 2 different products(see images). The labels also indicate that they came from the same distributer(see images). On February 7th our bank account was debited for automatic subscription for the 1st product a total of $89.92. At the time we calculated this to be day 14 (in actuality it was day 13), so my husband immediately called the number 877-356-3409 (listed on our bank statement) to cancel and request a full refund per their 18 day cancelation policy(see images). This company was called London Beauty, LLC and is located at 914 2ND ST APT D SANTA MONICA, CA 90403 (see images) This guy first tried to convince him that the product he had was not from their company as it looks different than the product on their website and was called a different name(see images)! This made no sense as it was their company who billed us, but the product did look different! After arguing this point for 20 minutes they then at most would offer a 30% discount. Getting nowhere with them, (even requesting to speak to a manager which they wouldn’t or couldn’t do)…my husband gave up. During this time I noticed that the shipping fee for the free samples was billed from 2 separate companies on our online bank statement. So I now decided to call the other company at 877-928-3478 under the business name Patsy Opps LLC which is located at 3130 Tyrone Blvd., St Petersburg, FL 33710(see images). Email address is [email protected] This individual tells me that he is aware that we were offered a 30% discount from another individual a day before and why was this not good enough? "What more did I want?" I responded that the offer was made only 20 minutes ago and I was certain that he was aware of this, and that the company illegally took money from our account per their own cancelation policy of 18 days. In addition it now appears that we are dealing with 2 companies who initially represented themselves as ONE company and ONE product. He refused to admit this was their policy and indicated it was day 14 and we should have called the day before. To which I then argued that would be a 13 day cancelation period and what he was doing was still illegal and would never hold up in a court of law. See images that clearly indicate 18 days. He continued to refuse to refund more than 30%. After 30 minutes I indicated that I would seek legal counsel and planned to take the matter up with the, and would sing like a canary about both companies on any and every social media I could find as they were not selling a product but eliciting a scam! It was about 10 minutes later that I received a phone call from a number in the country of Malta (phone # +356 27780771)! This person agreed to offer me a full refund of my money and I could expect it within 8-10 days. No other explanation, nor any apologies. I find this whole episode an outrageous scam and believe had I not put up such a stink we would be one of the many outed $90 to $190 dollars with no recourse for a product that at this point offers none of what it was purported to do. This was two companies representing themselves as one. They offered a different looking product on one website compared to the other, and the pop-up advertisement which initially sold us on their products used together for one affect was really 2 products from 2 companies and had we waited another day we would have been billed another $89.92 for the 2nd product. This is extremely misleading and they are scamming many people out of a significant amount of money and if a person did not keep track of everything such as we did they certainly would not get anything back from this company(s)!

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