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Stephen – Feb 02, 2021

Country United Kingdom

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Initial means of contact Email

I received an email from PayPal showing a purchase from London MeichiCo. Ltd,.on Jan 29, 2020, in the amount of $27.90 for the purchase of two flashlights. the purchase was to be sent to Konomer Mahmedo at 2322 County Road 2021, Glen Rose, TX, 76043. The invoice # is: c112353937654797. I DID NOT authorize this purchase. I saw this email on Feb. 1, 2021 and immediately changed my PayPal password and contacted them about this unauthorized purchase.

Kevin –

Victim Location 85756

Total money lost $57.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an advertisement for a "metal remote control tank 50% off + free shipping for $57.98." on approximately Oct 8th or 9th, 2019. I know this machine is real as I have seen it in person and the price was realistic.

The advert further described the machine as having "Upgraded /steel gearbox. More wear-resistant service life multiplied. Upgraded / Metal tracks & metal sprocket wheel and idler wheel. Modified /360 degree rotating turret(left/right) 360 degrees turning electric slip rings. Handmade and installed on tanks. (It’s not a factory standard configuration.) Modified /4500 Mah High power rechargeable Nimh battery. (Its not factory standard configuration.) Modified sound box installed on tanks. More realistic engine and cannon Sound. Fire a bullet. Its not factory standard configuration.) Material: Plastic and Electronic Components + Metal. Size: 42*25**22 cm Weight: 1.7 kg." In the ad, they assert that this "tank" comes with a "2.4 Ghz remote control" , which implies radio link as opposed to wire linkage. They offer a "risk-free 90 day guarantee." and a "100 percent money back guarantee". Video images on the advert showed an all-metal model tank of a WWII German Tiger and Tiger II series, which is implied to be their product. In one scene, they even portray this model as being capable of towing a small automobile. Another photo shows a number of Tiger models being assembled with the caption, “Our factory.”

I ordered one online and paid with it with the above credit card. On November 8, 2019, I received a package that contain a plastic toy tank that has none of the features advertised and is just not anything as portrayed. In the attached photos of what I received, it is clearly visible that there is a wire connecting the controller, which alone proves that the product described is not the one received.

I have searched the Internet for the exact advertisement but it appears to have been taken down. However, I have found a nearly identical ad that uses much of the exact text, images and offers. (Differences being the price, offer of free shipping for the first 100 buyers and the section about towing a car.)

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This exact video, with some minor variations, is also being used to sell model tanks by CozyBuy and Roxanate. I have no direct knowledge of this but it is highly probable that these products are bogus as well.

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