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Looming Investments Corporation/ Looming Financial Services Scam or Legit? Check Looming Investments Corporation/ Looming Financial Services Reviews below.
Russell –

Victim Location 66046

Type of a scam Investment

Initially this person sent me a message through Instagram saying my profile was chosen at random and that they had an opportunity for me to earn more money. They stated that they have a systematic process of receiving certain amounts of money and being able to edit that money to 10 times the amount that was invested depending on where you are located depends on the "profit" you’ll receive within 45mins. They claim to be called Looming Investments Corporation under a charity through the ScamPulse.com Wise Giving Alliance. On the profile the name is called Looming Financial Services. They give information about an address in New York which is connected to Onex Investment Corporation but then the phone number is based out of Florida. They refused to give any information on a website or a pdf for their company’s policies etc. They do not have any other information to provide to prove that they are an actual business. They claim to have been open for only 3 months so far and the person may be posing as a female. I am under the impression that is actually a male after looking into one of the emails provided. I connected it to a male who says he is in NY where the Onex Investments Corporation is located. It seems as though the profile was created by images taken from somebody else’s profile with only 8 posts but several 100 followers they have been very consistent about asking for my name, address, phone number, and email. They have requested for me to send screenshots of the money being sent through the Zelle app after they refused to give me a CashApp name. I have yet to comply with any of the information they have requested and they continued to harass me with questions at 5 o’clock in the morning asking if I’m going to send the money or not. This has been going on for several days. I feel this is very disheartening to know that they are persistent in getting people’s money in such a way and that there are people in this world who would actually comply with the scammer’s requests.

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