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Oscar –

Victim Location 90401

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Employment

A month ago I went to Third street Santa Monica to find some skin products. I walked by Lorion and was immediately stopped by their employees handing out samples and asking me to come in for a "free facial". They were complamenting me the entire time. They did half my face and I bought some undereye treatment. And they told me to come back for my "free facial" and meet with their "skin expert". When I came back their "skin expert" was not actually doing a lot for my face but giving me a sales pitch about becoming their "Promoter" all I would have to do is buy their $5,000 fda approved thermal machine for my face and they would give me free products and facials for the next 2 years. Well I bought the machine, they made a copy of my ID. I then came back on another day for my first facial with them and they wanted to upgrade my promoter status I guess and gave me another sales pitch. They put a $5,000 mask on my face while they pitched to me that they would be refunding me $3,500 and charge $7000 or just charge $3,500, my choice, it was confusing. But essentially they wanted to charge my card again to make it a total of $7,000 that I would give them to increase my "promoter" status to 3 years with more free products and I would be on magazines, show off my skin results at their conventions. I told her i couldnt afford to make that kind of transaction with my joint credit card. She asked if i had a seperate card my husband wouldnt see. I walked away from that realizing I had been scammed. The machine has not changed my face so far, supposed to fix wrinkles, no refund after your purchase. I almost feel guilty reporting because they gave me so many expensive products for free, telling me they are investing in me to help promote their buissness. But it also feels wrong how they operated with me. They don’t have a phone number and an official address listed online. They also don’t have a official sign, it’s banner hanging. above the store. To make appointents you have to email them.

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