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Caleb –

Victim Location 22030

Total money lost $864

Type of a scam Credit Cards

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! We booked a car service through 1st Airport Transfer LLC. The entire process to get a car booked was horrible and we were doubled charged. It also seemed like everyone we talked to was actually the same person – Ang or Daisy. The total price quoted was $972. The breakdown was

Flat Rate – $720

Prepaid Gratuities – $144

Fuel Surcharge – $57.60

State Tax – $50.40

When asked if we wanted to prepay the gratuities to make it easier, we agreed to do so. It was not until we met our driver that we realized that he was not getting the tip from the company. We wanted to ensure that he received it as he was really good.

Three days prior to the reservation, we were told that the deposit would be charged to our credit card which we agreed to – it was for $252 and the name on the charge was LORS. After reading through the contract, the deposit should have only been for $50. The next day we were told to hold off on approving any other charges on our card until we heard from them however the balance of $720 was already processed on the card. This charge came from SQ SUPERIOR, not LORs. An additional charge of $720 then came through from LORS. When we told them about this, they told us that we needed to call our bank to dispute the charge from SQ SUPERIOR. When we asked the company to resolve this and get the money back from SQ SUPERIOR, they told us that “For security purposes, we would request that you dispute the charges.” We told them that we only authorized them to charge $972 to our card and they needed to fix the issue. They then told us that “They are asking for our cooperation since we need documentation or dispute from the owner of the card. We encounter a fraudulent issue in processing your payment.” After talking to the billing department, they said that they were talking to a limo company about our trip and they went ahead and charged our card before LORS confirmed it. In order for this to have happened, they had to have given the credit card information to this third party. We still have yet to get the money back nor can we find a limo company called SQ SUPERIOR.

Additionally, we booked a 6 passenger car. They did not have any available and tried to get us to use a 2016 Cadillac SRX. The contract that we got from 1st Airport Transfer LLC says that the cars will be no older than 3 years old and this car was 4 years old. They then told us that they had a 2016 Chevy Suburban available but that we would have to pay more. We requested that they give us a car that was equal or better than what we booked as they needed to honor our request, they told us that all they had available was a 2019 Dodge Caravan minivan. This occurred the day before our reservation. We never got the driver’s name or contact info and did not talk to him until the day of our reservation. The company gave him the wrong pick up location.

Our day with the driver was actually great (we had apprehensions after the disaster with the booking company) and after talking to him, we discovered that there were a lot of red flags with this company (1st Airport Limo/LORS). While trying to resolve the gratuity issue, the company told us that the prepaid gratuity does not go to the driver, it is for the company. This not what they told us when they asked if we wanted to prepay the gratuity. Had they told us that, we would not have paid it. We ended up giving the driver a cash gratuity as 1st Airport Transfer refused to give him the money. They told him that we canceled our trip which we did not nor did they give him our contact information so he could touch base with us. They told him that our trip would be in one city however we never told 1st Airport Limo that; we had actually planned a trip farther away which would have potentially changed the cost due to the fuel charges. 1st Airport Transfer also told us that they were going to give us a refund of $77 due to the change in car type but we have yet to receive it.

This company is a total scam. Do not use them!!!!!!!!

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