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Dylan –

Victim Location 78418

Type of a scam Phishing

Not sure if it is a scam. Have received letters from this group and a Texas Refund Assistance at 100 Congress St, STE 2000, Austin, Texas 78701, 866-858-3028. They both claim I have overlooked a refund of $4,941.45. Both offer to send a local notary with the required documents to my home to process the return. Are they legit?

Kelsey –

Victim Location 77056

Type of a scam Phishing

The letter go like this, During my examination of government records, I uncovered 1,250.53 you are in danger of losing. Upon request, a notary public will be scheduled to deliver and notarize the documents needed to refund your money. The notary public will explain the details of your recovery and answer any questions. Your paperwork will be returned to me for professional review and submission before the fast approaching state-mandated deadline. To retrieve your money and eliminate future losses call (832) 990-8969. Please note, if this matter is ignored, you will lose and permanently forfeit your 1,250.53

Curtis –

Victim Location 77084

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I keep getting fake check in the mail telling me and my husband we are owed $3581.66 due to abandonment or overpayment. Deadline is stated "Mandated by Texas Law." I called them several months ago and they stated their fee is 50% of what is owed to us. We needed to come down to their office to sign paperwork and collect money. I cannot find this company on the internet.

Thank you,

Jeanie Branam

Marie –

Victim Location 77338

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a post card with a company name Loss Prevention Associates stating "You are in jeopardy of losing $1,879.82. Please call (713) 904-4139. Message:


. The refund amount has been obtained and confirmed through public records.

. You are at serious risk of losing your money

. Your refund is from lost or forgotten funds, or an overpayment to a Texas based public agency and is NOT from the IRS or a loan.

. You must act to recover these funds, it is not an automatic refund.

. Approaching deadline is mandated by Texas law.

. 100% RISK FREE – No out-of-pocket expense (all in red). Fees are normally received from the refund.

. YOU WILL NOT OWE ANYTHING (all in red) if our services do not result in the recovery of your money.

. 28 years of experience and professionally licensed by the state of Texas.

Hard to find any info on this company & address looks suspicious because it’s a building where I worked years ago.

If this is a legitimate company, I will be more than happy to retract this report. Thanks.

Andre –

Victim Location 77056

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Loss Prevention Associates contacted me by mail claiming I had an overlooked refund from a public agency. Wanted confidential information from me to help them recover monies on my behalf.

Jillian –

Victim Location 77091

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

RECEIVED MAIL CORRESPONDENCE FROM Loss Prevention Associates. Told to contact 713-904-4139 so they could help me get money back in the amount of $868.91 that I had overpaid to a Texas Public Agency. I have received several of these in the mail for months. Decided to call to see what they would say. They wanted to know if the address on the letter sent was on my TDL. When I told them NO, they said they couldn’t help me and would remove me from the list. (if it was money in my name, then the address should not be an – this reconfirmed to me it is DEFINITELY a SCAM)

Their letter makes it seem as if you have unclaimed money or have overpaid someone and that they can help you get it without any upfront or out-of-pocket expense. But they need to send a notary public to deliver your recovery documents, answer your questions and notarize your signature. They even send a mocked up check with your name and amount on it.

William –

Victim Location 78239

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a post card with a company name Loss Prevention Associates stating "You are in jeopardy of losing $1024.74. Please call (210) 672-1250 so we can deliver the refund paperwork to you for your review and signature." Sounded to good to be true so I attempted to learn more about this company. I was unable to find anything with online searches about a company with that name and the address provided; however doing a search for businesses at the listed address (300 Convent Street, Suite 1330) revealed that there are 21 other businesses listed at that suite number ( https://www.bizapedia.com/addresses/300-convent-st-ste-1330-san-antonio-tx-78205… ). Not sure what all this means, but in the absence of verifiable information, this is not a business that I will share any information with at this point. If information is available that this is a legitimate company I will respectfully retract this report.

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