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Sheila –

Victim Location 62301

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was informed by my old job that O had a man call and stating that he was serving me to go to court and they said I no longer work there and they replied that they could not giving out any information over the phone. So he left this number for me to call these people 323-250-6505. He knew my social security number and asked if that was it and not even thinking I said yes and said that he was a law firm agency going to collect a debt that I didn’t have in the amount of $4821 and they were going to garnish my wages and come collect my car. As I first was talking to him, he sounded American and then went into foreign mode but he wouldn’t let me speak. As I am snapping at him and telling him that it wasn’t me, he started to contradict himself by saying if I want to dispute it I can do after that start the process of going to get a court date. He also said that the business that they were collecting for was closed and I wanted that information and he said that they were wanting them to collect but then said that they were closed down. As I am still snapping, he then proceeds and says he is getting his supervisor and I ended hanging up.

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