Lotus Amil

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Bobby –

Total money lost $3,233

Type of a scam Romance

She actually was a decent person to begin with. She always needs money, thinks I was stupid and wouldn’t price check ( wish I did it sooner) always saying the highest price. Pity party, pity party. Scamming people around the world. Not a good look for the Philippines. She promised to pay back. Knew her for a few years through the site. She said hard times, looked for work, even boyfriend/ girlfriend for a while ( feel like a fool now) she "intended" to pay me back. She hurt her foot, but told my friend her foot was fine… Strange…. Then she would argue, guilt trip me and accuse me of fighting… Pushing me away to make me disappear. Please investigate because she is still online doing it to other men. I did chat with one who she did it to while she was with me ( supposedly) is it even a woman? Let’s find out. Possibly a fake, a scammer

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