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Louis Aussies Scam or Legit? Check Louis Aussies Reviews below.
Meghan –

Victim Location 80231

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I inquired about a puppy that was for sale on his website. He replied right away providing pictures and videos. I asked more questions about the puppy which was I was only given a response giving payment via Walmart2walmart. After more research I looked up phrases and pictures from the website and found out that they were copied from other breeders websites. I looked up the names of owners from the legitimate breeders testimonials and they matched, confirming that pictures and testimonials on his site were also fake. When I confronted this person asking how I can be sure that this will be real exchange, he stated he required payment first before he can provide anything else.

Nina –

Victim Location 80016

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer has a fake website called Louis Aussies. Claims to be a breeder of Australian shepherd puppies. Website is detailed with – why they do genetic testing, about their puppies with pictures and purchase price, shipping options (which is not uncommon for breeders to have shipping option if they live in another state), customer testimonials, contact info. I contacted this fake company about a puppy I was interested in. They emailed me back using [email protected] This email provided more information about the company, more pictures of the puppy I was interested in, and asked that I answer some questions about myself for them in the application process. They asked that I tell them my experience with dogs, my living situation, how soon I am looking to purchase etc. I did provided my name, address, and nearest airport in application..After completing this application.I received a email back asking when I was ready to purchase. I asked about shipping options and more about the puppy and its parents. They replied with info on shipping but did not answer my questions. At this point I became suspicious due to the extremely low shipping cost and their avoidance of answer questions regarding the subject of purchase. I started doing google searches on Louis Aussies in Lowell, MA and could not find anything. They asked that I send money for purchase through money wiring or moneygram. At this time I stopped communication.

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