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Austin – Oct 22, 2020

My report is for 2 identical companies:

We came across and wanted to adopt a kitten. The prices were suspicious to start with. I filled out a form on the website and was contacted by a text message saying that the kitten is available and they can ship her at $150. Which is normally $500. He didn’t even ask where she needs to be shipped. Anyways, I asked for a Health report and was told they do not provide it until you get a kitten because of the scamers. But he sent me a contract form with Anette Jaff name on it. The last statement if the contract pretty much was saying that it is getting void after a payment received. So, we called the guy. The guys sounded young while the website says he has been married for 24 years and he is a practicing veterinarian. So, we asked him if he is. He said that he is not, his mom is, who lives in Texas and so on… I started getting more info about the breeder online. I came across the identical website We told him over the phone what does he know about the same website, just a different company name. He said he doesn’t have any idea. He was also rude when we asked why he only takes payments through the companies without any buyer protection. He told he has to choose what is comfortable for him, not for us. We finally said we will get back to him, cause at this point it was obviously a scam.
In 2 days we were almost scammed twice by different people who are “selling ragdolls”. In both cases when we asked for a kitten health report and a vet info, they had different excuses to not providing it.

Veronica – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 35802

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a kitten and ran across the website I found a kitten I liked and paid this John Gault $750 plus $100 shipping for kitten. I made two payments through Zelle. He supposedly shipped tracking number EA-01898039060583322390-usps and now supposedly the kitten is on Hold in Nashville waiting on a FI Electronic Crate. They want $750 to rent this crate to keep the kitten from being crushed in flight. Well how did it make it from Columbus, Ohio to Nashville without one? So they want me to send them $750 refundable funds for this crate. It says get back to them at 1 727 379 4265 so they can proceed. I have been ripped off and I want my money back $850.

Cameron – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 90057

Total money lost $1,350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I did some research online and was looking for a ragdoll kitten that I desired. I asked several breeders and they all don’t have the kitten available. Finally, I came across this website. This man named Jason William told me he has the kitten available at $750. I was afraid this is a fraud, I asked him a lot of questions, and even signed a contract with him before I made the payment to him by Zelle. Then he said he works with a very reliable shipping company and they will ship the kitten to my home. I said ok, sure.

He sent me a USPS tracking number. Can you believe this, he even sent me an legit USPS tracking number. And did see tracking updates on the website, Https:// I got updates, then the shipping company texted me that they need to place a special crate for the kitten and asked me for a refundable $1000 rental fee. I was very suspicious about this. I called the breeder and questioned him why.

He was really skilled and professional, he said he want nothing but the kitten to deliver to me safe and sound, and said he will cover $400 and I need to pay $600. And if the shipping company doesn’t refund me the money, he will personally refund me the money back. I said fine, I paid the $600 to a guy by Zelle. I don’t know the full name, but the email is [email protected] And the first name showed on Zelle is Frank.

Even after I made the $600 payment, I still saw two updates, two, on that fake website. Until 4pm. Then I called the shipping company, and the breeder, no one replied anymore. They did not call me back, did not text me back, and no more updates on that tracking website.

I spent my $1350 for nothing, and I am super heartbroken right now. I expected the whole week, and nothing arrived. I called Chase bank to stop the payment. I hope they can get my money back.

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