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Adrian – Sep 04, 2020

The writer of false information wanted to get our Jenny for free. However, if you look at the screenshot, Jenny already asked us to give her even though she confirmed that the sale was completed with the buyer’s name.

Nicole – Sep 04, 2020

Screenshot of the customer sold.

Ebony – Sep 04, 2020

We are the Lowell Puppy Family. The writer of this article has now filed a complaint. Our dog Jenny was sold to other customers for $3400. The writer didn’t even have a budget, but he wanted to get our dog for free. They asked us to give them for free even though they are not free. The price is written on our website. We will punish these false disseminators.

Samantha – Aug 09, 2020

Victim Location 10035

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a "breeder" on a website called nextdaypets.com and the breeder said it was located in New York City. I

inquired about a maltipoo named Jenny and their response was that the puppies come from Korea and that they

ship internationally and to check their website for more information on the puppy I was interested in. On the

website, the puppy was listed as free ( I can provide screenshots). I placed the order in the meantime while

awaiting their responses to my other questions. One question I asked was whether there were any puppies in New

York since the states they were located in New York to which they repeated that the puppies come from korea and

that they ship to new York. When I told them I had placed the order they then instructed me to go to WesternUnion

and send them $3400. I had told them and provided screenshots that on their website the puppy was listed as

$0.00 and they then said that the puppy cost $3400 and I said even on nextdaypets the listed price was $2800 and

they said that didnt include shipping and I said they told me shipping was free. Also, when I re-checked the

website the initial listing was removed and replaced with a listing for $3.4 million. I told them that what they’re

doing is scamming and they told me to look at the reviews and that if I don’t trust them to just not buy from. But I

would like to protect other from potentially being scammed even though I didn’t. The only reason I didn’t was being

of inconsistencies/mistakes.

I have screenshots of what was listed in their website

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