Lower Trout Skin

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Fernando – Jan 03, 2021

Scammers that I have had no association !

Beth – Jan 03, 2021

Scammer’s phone Lower trout skin

Scammer’s website unk

Scammer’s address unk

Scammer’s email unk

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Website

Today 3 Jan 2021, about 2 or 3 months ago. I found a charge for $119.97 on my CC for an unknown purchase or reason. Originally it was associated with a free Keto Recipe Book my wife ordered. The CC company reversed the charge as a scam. Now 3 Jan 2021, I see the same charge re-appeared on 2 Jan 2021. This time as “Lower Trout Skin”, which I know nothing about. the CC company said they would cancel my card and send a new one, but I didn’t want to do that, now I wish I had. Suppose that is my only choice.

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