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Keri – Jan 02, 2021

This company just charged my cash app the $119.97 was so glad that I did not have enough cash for them to take it so it was decline from here I have to change my cash app card so they cannot try it again… Change your card get a new one that’s the only way you won’t be charged again…

Elizabeth – Dec 26, 2020

I was buying a sealer because of my arthritis, i twists are hard on my fingers…
Now the rail program is that I ordered it 11/2/2020 said it would be here in 2 to 4 or 7 weeks…

I didn’t get it plus I was charged 119.79. When cost was 1.79…

And I want to know, im on a fixed income… I just want my 119.79. Back and you people can keep the seal.

Thank you for listening to.

Claudia – Dec 21, 2020

I bought a hairdye on fb that cosr me 21.45 those that when ypu just put in your hair and leave for a bit then wash out like you do when you take a shower and it colors your hair vibrantly . Well after saod purchase 2 days later 119.97 was taken out of my account! And it said lowertroutskin on my purchase history of my card. ! F×%! No way

Corey – Oct 02, 2020

Lowertroutskin keeps trying to hit my account but since it started in February I keep my account turned off every other month they try

Raymond – Sep 27, 2020

I saw an ad on FB for a mini bag sealer for $1.95 shipping. I was INSTANTLY charged $119.97! I contacted them through the email on top of the page, and disabled my card, pending contact with disputing the charge. I can’t afford this! What low life’s would do this – especially Now? I’m so mad at myself!

Pedro – Dec 21, 2020

Dude guy charged same amount on my card too exact for a vibrant color hairdye ad on a fb game i play everwing!

Kevin – Aug 03, 2020

Got a Scam Alert test from my credit union from LOWERTROUSKIN85 for a charge of $83.99. This was after ordering a “Bag Sealer” for $1.95 shipping. Buyer beware. I hit the “NO” button to cancel the charge.

Jason – Sep 27, 2020

I WISH I had used my debit card! Or even another credit card that sends me instant alerts AND provides me the opportunity to say no! I used my squarecash card, which notifies me instantly of charges… but no way to accept or decline, and disputes are nearly impossible. I THOUGHT i was buying a mini bag sealer for $1.95 shipping. I was INSTANTLY Charged $119.97! This sucks so bad!

Diana – Aug 03, 2020

I was on Facebook and saw an ad for a bag sealer for free just pay shipping of $1.95. Well i now have a charge for 83.50 on my account. I thought it was legit. I feel like a fool for falling for another scam.

Isaac – Jul 27, 2020

Scammer’s phone 855-964-7518

Scammer’s website Unknown

Scammer’s address Unknowm

Scammer’s email Unknown

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I was on Facebook and saw an add for tje Nano Liquid Screen Protector for free, just pay $1.95 shipping. I should havw known it was too good to be true! But, I ordered it anyway! And today my credit card was hit for $83.50. I’m on disability and have bills to pay. This hit me hard cause it was part of my grocery money for the month!

Stephanie – Jul 07, 2020

I ordered the Nano liquid protector for phones, was supposed to be free, with $1.95 shipping and they hit me for $83.50, Wish I had found this page sooner. I sent a message to my bank, hoping they can reverse this. Buncha scammers!

Olivia – Jul 18, 2020

Same here. At least we know who did it!

Dominique – Jul 04, 2020

I saw this nano tape on facebook for $1.95 shipping charge only . LIE they hit my account for $83.50 . I am disputing these charges.. How can i get my money back ? i am on a fixed income . why do people take advantage of others ?

Jerome – Jun 30, 2020

I was on Facebook and saw an advertisement for Nano Tape. Just pay $1.95 for shipping. I did and got scammed for $59.49! The company claimed that was for some VIP membership fee. After several email exchanges with them, they offered a 70% refund of the fee. When I demanded a full refund, they stopped communicating with me. I contacted my bank to dispute the charge and they were no help to me either! All they came up with was an 855 number! I have been to Looking Trout Skin’s website and there is no information on the company there! Just pictures of products that they scam you with! I finally got the Nano Tape last week after waiting two months and it isn’t worth the $1.95 I paid for the shipping yet alone the VIP membership fee! What company doesn’t even have a physical address? I did a Google search for the company and found this site and another site that was in Korea. Do get scammed like I and everyone else on this page did!

Daniel – Nov 04, 2020

855-964-7518 lowertroutskin

Alexandra – Jun 28, 2020

I was playing a game and a commercial for Mpower Electricity saving box for free, only had to pay shipping in the amount of $1.95 and they charged my account for $83.50. I did not have that amount of money in my account so I went negative $ thanks to this people. Why is Facebook allowing this scams in their site? I am a disable person and all I get is my SS check and have bills to pay. I want the money that they stole from me back.

Mayra – Jun 27, 2020

They also scammed me for lowertroutskin.com for 49.99. Go figure. My luck.

Tamara – Jun 27, 2020

I was charged 83.50 from my bank account after believing that I was only paying 1.95 for nano screen protector. Man, it looked real. Didn’t even think Facebook hasn’t caught on. wow Lawrence Kansas

Kelly – Jun 26, 2020

I too have been scammed! For a $1.95 for a potato peeler and got charged $83.03 another senior citizen on a fixed income with just enough to make ends meet getting scammed! Reported to my bank they shut off my debit card and they’re going to look into it with their fraud department I hope they figure out who these people are that are catching everybody and I hope that Facebook removes these ads from their network! ~Screwed in Florida

Ross – Jun 23, 2020

I thought I was ordering a nano screen protector for free: just pay $1.95 shipping and they charged me $83.50! I am disputing this through my bank but who knows what will happen. I can’t afford this by any means! Way to scam a senior citizen on social security barely making ends meet! They should be heavily fined and closed down for fraud,!

Brett – Jun 21, 2020

Saw an ad for Nano Tape, free, just pay $1.95 for shipping. Ended up being charged $83.99, which shows up as FreemanWorkout8554. I was skeptical at first but ordered anyway. Now just sick to my stomach. There is no such company. Got an order confirmation from LowerTroutSkin , called to cancel order, same message as Freemanworkout8554.
Filed claim to get monies back.
Need to report to the BBB and authorities.

Larry – Jun 20, 2020

I was playing a game when an ad showed up saying I could get the nano screen protector free just pay $1.95 shipping and they charged me $83.50! I am disputing this through my bank but who knows what will happen. I can’t afford this by any means! Way to scam a disabled single mom barely making ends meet!

Priscilla – Jun 18, 2020

Ordered tape and was supposed to just pay 1.99. Today my government card was charged 89.00. I want my money back. Someone has to have a way to get in touch with them!

Christina – Aug 30, 2020

+1 (855) 964-7518

Jill – Jun 17, 2020

TODAY 6/17/2020…Some 1.99 tape cost me 83.99 so I know I have been scammed. I paid through cash app so I guess I will never get my money back. Guess it was too good to be true. It won’t happen ever again. I should have known better that to order anything that shows up on Facebook. I bet I never ever order anything that is advertised on Facebook agAin

Carla –

Purchased nano tape supposedly free just pay shipping of 1.95 was charged 83.50 total scam!

Rachel –

I just ordered this incredible tape product last night. Free but $1.95 for shipping. Should have known it was too good to be true. Today, my credit card wad hit with a charge of $83.99. No contact information available. And, of course, I can’t get through to the credit card company because of reduced personnel. I can’t dispute it online until the charge actually goes through. Was trying to prevent the charge from even hitting the card.

Latasha –

Victim Location 47847

Total money lost $59.66

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered this electric savers box, supposedly 1.95 shipping, unit was free for limited time. My debit card was charged 59.66. Can’t get ahold of them now!!!! Am disputing charges with my bank!

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