Loyal Italian Greyhound Home

Loyal Italian Greyhound Home Scam or Legit? Check Loyal Italian Greyhound Home Reviews below.
Mario – Jan 22, 2021

I too have been working with this alleged “breeder”. I contacted them along with another advertised breeder called “Mary’s IG”. I quickly realized the automatic response email was almost the exact same – their “cuddles” are raised in their home with their kids. They get called away to work from time to time but they are mostly home. The questions to the buyer were the exact same. Yet the two breeders have different addresses in different states.
Another flag is there were 10 puppies (all same age with same DOB) for sale posted (that’s a lot of puppies that share the same DOB) – the background of the pictures were not the same for any of the puppies.
When I stated I didn’t want the puppy shipped, I wanted to pick her up…they said I couldn’t pick her up. Because of COVID they could only ship and it would be free of charge. I needed to send my payment and they would send her off. When I insisted on picking her up and offered to meet at a public location, they stopped contact with me.

Angelica – Jan 19, 2021

Scammer’s phone 678-701-8413

Scammer’s website Www. LoyalItalianGreyhoyndHome.com

Scammer’s address 3942 Springleaf Pointe, Stone Mountain GA 300839

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

I visited the Loyal Italian Greyhound Home website and over the course of a week began discussions with “Susan and Gabriel Henderson.” It seemed completely legitimate at first. “Susan” was very friendly, sounded concerned about placing the dog in a good home, and was very responsive. They gave me a cost of $700, which included the cost for pet transport. I then asked to first speak with a reference. They did set me up with someone who told me a made up story about his dog. I paid the full amount. I should have known better when they told me the only form of payment was Zelle, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, which I used and had no protection for fraud. At that point, they introduced the pet transport company who then asked for an additional $1280 for a special crate for the dog to travel in. That’s when the red flags went up and we knew something was wrong. When I began to hesitate, the so-called breeders and pet transport became very threatening, demanding the money, and telling me it was now my responsibility and they were going to report me for pet abandonment. After an email sent to them telling them we were going to report them to the FBI, we stopped engaging. Shortly after, they pulled the website down. Beware!

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