Loyalty Dachshunds Puppy’s Home

Loyalty Dachshunds Puppy’s Home Scam or Legit? Check Loyalty Dachshunds Puppy’s Home Reviews below.
Jonathan – Sep 18, 2020

Thanks for sharing. I almost purchased this from same Wilmington NC . The address he provide when googled name of Loyalty Dachshunds came up. Cost $799 plus $265 shipping. The web site I contacted is NextDay Dachshund puppies home. They sent me a text from area code 705 which is in Canada. That is too bad fell in love with puppy.

Leonard – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 97465

Total money lost $1,064

Type of a scam Other

This website came up as one of the top choices when I googled Dachshund puppies. It shows it is a secure website. When I found a pup I wanted I clicked the contact seller link and inquired about the dog.

I received and email thanking me for my interest and expressing a desire to know more about me to determine if I was a suitable buyer.

They expressed concern that the dog would be loved and not used as a breeding machine and made themselves out to be a retired military who owned a motel and had extensive experience in raising and selling dachshunds.

After a few emails back and forth, they appeared very knowledgeable about exactly how the puppy would be handled throughout the shipping process, what the pet’s needs were and they even listed the foods and supplies the pet used and would need. Again, very very detailed descriptions.

I was then told after emailing back and forth that they deemed my family suitable for the puppy and would be willing to sell her to me.

I was given 4 options of payment. 1. Paypal 2. Western Union 3. MoneyGram 4. ApplePay

After choosing ApplePay, believing I had it linked to my secured credit card I was told I’d be given a number to send money to.

It then received a text message from 614-321-9323 from someone who offered to answer more questions about the process and the dog. They then emailed a number to me to send the money which was different than the number they were texting from.

When I asked why the number was different, they stated it was their wife’s number and it was a Texas number and that after I paid I would need to send a screen shot to confirm I had done so and then the contract would be sent to me.

I expressed many reservations but after several text messages back and forth I was foolishly duped into believing this was a trustworthy God-fearing person who just wanted the dog in a loving home, so believing I had a secure form of payment, I foolishly gave into the request.

Unfortunately, my account was instead linked to my debit card, so it wasn’t secure like I thought.

Afterward I was sent a PDF contract via email I had to print, sign, scan and email back. The name of the seller on the contract was Peter Graham from Wilmington, NC operating under license number #E-524-513-576.

I chose my delivery date and the day the delivery was scheduled for the seller contacted me to inform me they were registering the puppy with the shipping company and I’d soon be contacted.

A shipping company that identified itself as Global Shipping Company from Fayetteville, NC called wanting to confirm shipping information they had emailed to me.

The person spoke with a heavy foreign accent but seemed helpful at the time and assured me they had the puppy and I would receive it on time. I was told to watch me email because since the dog was a first time flyer she would need to be checked by a vet for COVID19 before beings shipped.

I received an email from the shipping company within 20 minutes saying she was ready to be shipped but due to weather conditions, the crate the seller supplied was insufficient and I must choose one of their thermal crates to ship the dog in before they would ship her. The cost would be around $1500-$1800 depending on which one I selected and they claimed it would be refundable once the puppy arrived.

I emailed back stating that I did not have the money and they would need to contact the seller to move forward since that was not part of the agreement.

I tried texting the seller myself and calling them and got no response. I tried calling the shipping company and got a voicemail. I left a message and got no response.

The money I sent the seller for the dog was not returned.

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