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Kevin –

Victim Location 21701

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Claims that she can do home improvements with great results in very little time. My son found her thru friends of his. Our initial discussion I had showed he the areas needed done. She said that she worked for Mike Fitzgerald, but she could still do the work needed. I explained to cut our cost that we could do the demo in the house. It was the kitchen and bathroom upstairs of our home. She said that I would have to order the cabinets that she would give me the measurements. I told her that I had no idea on how to order them, but I would go to Lowes dept. store and she quickly told me should could order them cheaper from her contact at a cabinet outlet. I told her that was great and to let me know how much they are and I would pay for them. She took measurements, and said she would be back in touch with me in a day or so with an estimate on labor and the cabinets. I was satisfied with her promptness. It came back that the cabinets were 8,600.00 . I figured kind of pricy, but It was okay cause the countertops and sink would all be together. She never told me that they were not included. Her labor came back to be 15,000.00 for a kitchen and bath> kitchen 19 X 8 area, and bath 6×10 area. WOW was my first expression. My son told me that it wasn’t bad because of the amount of workers that needed to get the job done. Now she was told of every detail that I wanted done. Complete bath make over including the window and floors. She said that the ceiling fan had to be replaced, the pipes all had to be replaced. wiring had to be redone, ect… The kitchen was to have the floor, cabinets, one small wall romoved, and dishwasher added, microwave above stove, and insert a recessed light. She charged me extra for electrical work that was never done by them, due to the fact the first time they tired my whole house electric was fluttering and the flood light no longer was working. When I said something to her; she denied and wrong doings, so I called another Electric company to come and inspect the problem and found out that it was her workmanship that was causing the problem and left a hot wire in the wall unsafely. I then asked her if she had a permit or license to do this kind of work, that’s when I found out that she did not, and only had insurance coverage; but I was never shown any proof. When I told her about the inspection, she replied that If I called the inspector on her she would be in trouble. After that she never came back to my home while I was there except twice. I started noticing different things; She had given me a list in the beginning of materials needed for the job. In the middle of the project they started changing products and charging me for them, they were more expensive and I was told that I would get the receipts and invoices at the end of the job. The cabinets were delivered to my home yet I got no invoices. By the way this I very long and to make it short; I believe you see the delima. First day she came she had three men and herself working. Afterwards only one man did the job, except of four other days. After being in my home for 31 days, and I seen the worker talking on the phone and lolly ganging. I called the job finished. She became combative with me stating that I caused her due delay and didn’t let her finish. I asked her for my receipts and invoices and never got them. Don’t be fooled by this woman, the job was not completed and the workmanship is sloppy. Hope this will help someone before the fall like I did.

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