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Meagan –

Victim Location 44405

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A company – using different names including: LRS, Crosby Billing Services/Group, National Litigation Services, Fraud department, and the State Fraud Department – made several robocalls that stated they I have been named in a Fraud case and, if I did not call LRS back immediately, a fraud case would be filed issued against me – for an $80 pay day loan debt that was unpaid 4.5 years earlier. When I called the phone number back no one answered. Eventually, they called and reached me and demanded $1,800 immediately to be paid by ACH through my confidential bank transfer information. LRS has used nearly 10 different phone numbers, many of which are answered by messages indicating the mailbox is full. Some have been disconnected. I have heard the same people using different names and titles on the phone with me.

Despite numerous request for details the company has refused to produce or describe any specific documentation of the debt they are trying to collect or information on themselves. In addition, the company keeps calling several times a day and harassing me constantly.

They have used the following phone numbers: 614.407.0832, 678.503.5461,, 678.866.3592

I finally got them to send me a Payment Agreement Form (attached), but, there’s no detail about the debt, just a schedule to pay a reduced amount. The form is from Crosby Billing Services and Crosby Billing Group – but neither firm actually exists.

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