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Jerome –

Victim Location 24501

Total money lost $539

Type of a scam Other

I contacted a company about Student Loan Forgiveness called LSR Inc and Robert Lopez was the gentleman who I talked to. He went over the details about how I would not have to pay loans for a year and my credit report would show my student loans all consolidated into one and show as paid on my credit report. I would then only need to pay a monthly payment of maybe only 20 or 30 dollars a month for 120 months and the remainder of my loan would be forgiven. He said you have until December to sign up for the program but after that, they would not be taking anymore people for loan forgiveness because the program fills up with clients fast. Everything seemed legit, he sent over DocuSign papers for me to sign through email. I turned in a month’s worth of pay stubs and my tax returns for 2015 and he received my SSN and other pertinent information. He also changed my FSAID for Navient with me over the phone and I gave him my security question answers for it. Robert told me that in order for them to start working on my case that I would have to pay $539, but I would break it up into 2 payments. So I paid $269.50 with him over the phone that Wednesday evening. He asked me when I could make another payment and I told him that following Friday of the next week when I got paid again. He also told me that if I decided to opt out, I would have 3 days to do so because they wouldn’t have started working on my case. I opted out 2 days later. He left an automated voicemail on his phone stating that he would be out on vacation July 15-19th so I called the main number that he had listed in his signature line, which was 1-800-801-5857 ext. 329. This was 2 days after I had signed up so I was within that 3 day opt-out period. When I dialed that number, I was waiting for an extension option but it sent me directly into a phone queue, which I thought was very fishy. They never picked up that evening when I called but I called the processing contact number that was also provided in the email, which was 1-800-801-4982, after 20 or 25 minutes, I talked with a lady named Jessica who had bad reception like it was a cell phone and she said that since Robert was out, she would let another processor know that I wanted a refund. That following Saturday, I kept getting text messages about predatory lending and fraud and to call the 1-800-801-5857 to file a defense for repayment from a 972-362-5598 and 972-362-5597 number, which when you called, all you got was a busy signal I called back that following Saturday at the 1-800-801-5857 number and I talked with a gentleman who was rude and said you’ll get your money. I knew it was a scam. Very unprofessional! The following Tuesday, July 20th, I talked with Robert Lopez after his "vacation" and he asked me why I wanted to opt out and seemed pushy about me staying in and I told him that I had talked to Jessica that previous Friday while he was out on vacation that I wanted my money back. He finally gave in after saying they weren’t a scam and said you’ll get you money and that if I didn’t receive my money within 1-2 business days to give him a call. It’s August 1st and I’ve yet to receive that first sum of money. That Friday, after I had already opted out, they withdrew another $269.50 without my permission. So a total of $539 total is what they withdrew from my account. I called in to my bank highly upset and further explained the situation and was in fear of my information getting compromised so I signed up for identity theft protection. I have been working with my bank to file claims against these people and attempt to recoup the monies I’ve lost but I want this to be known to everybody since it happened to me. This sounded to good to be true and it was. This is a scam, beware. I’ve learned through research, no "Student Loan Forgiveness" programs should ever ask for fees upfront. Also, I’ve learned that there is no such thing as Student Loan Forgiveness programs, it’s a debt you have to pay regardless unless working directly with Navient or other student lenders for other possible options, such as consolidation of deferment. The number Robert Lopez uses is 714-329-4107. Websites are and Robert’s email is [email protected]

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