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Audrey –

Victim Location 10023

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an unsolicited call from someone who said that my computer has a bad virus that has to be dealt with immediately and they were going to help me take care of it. He said he got the information about my computer from Microsoft. What made me suspicious was the fact that the caller ID on my phone gave a 914 area code but the caller said he was calling from Orlando. I asked him for his phone number and he gave me a 321 area code number; then I asked for a supervisor. Another person got on the phone and was equally insistent that they had to fix this problem. Finally, I asked what operating system I have and they said that I have a Microsoft operating system. When I told them they were incorrect, they hung up on me. By the way, it really sounded like the initial caller was reading from a script. I was surprised that the second person (who said he was a supervisor) got on the phone. He sounded more authoritative so I worried that the caller was under duress.

By the way, I called the 321 area code number and it went to voicemail that only gave a first name so I suspect the phone number was cloned.

I have heard about this scam from other people who have let these scammers screen share because it sounds like they want to help. Once the caller is able to screen share, they demand a lot of money to take care of the problem. I’m pretty sure this is the scam but, luckily, I had heard about it so I want others to know and be very wary of this kind of call.

Ryan –

Victim Location 13152

Type of a scam Phishing

A gentleman claiming his name is "David Wilson" (he was from India with his accent) called from a company called "Lt Global" has been phoning me for a few weeks, but if I don’t answer he does not leave a message. He called again today from (646)499-3966, I answered, and he frantically told me that he had been trying to reach me to return $199 to my account because the company was going out of business and he wanted make sure I got my $199 refund for the computer assist program I had purchased. Now, I had purchased such a program but I could not remember the name of the company and I remembered paying about $49 for it. He asked to take charge of my computer and that way he could return my $199. Then he said he was having trouble accessing my account but he could refund it to my checking account. Like an [censored] I gave him our joint Chase Bank checking account #. He then proceeded to show me my balance but again could not complete the return of funds. He asked me for my credit card # and like a bigger [censored] I gave it to him. He then showed me my account balance and he said the transaction went through for the refund, but OMG he made a mistake and refunded $1000 by mistake. He showed me on my computer screen. He started to cry that he would be fired. He then went into a Paypal account and asked me which drugstore do I use and how far away was my CVS. I have no idea what he did with the Paypal. But he then instructed me to go immediately to CVS and purchase 7 $100 I-Tune prepaid cards so he could get his money back. He told me he would put an extra $100 in my account for my inconvenience. I told him absolutely not! And I would call the police. He pleaded for me not to hang up but I did after I told him I needed to verify his information. He kept trying to call back but I did not answer. While his screen was up on my monitor I saw the phone# (444-291-966?) and the internet address name "deedle354" but I did not see his provider. I am now scared to death. What should I do?

Andre –

Victim Location 30082

Type of a scam Tech Support

On November 2016, I have received a call from my house phone stating that they work for Microsoft and your computer is having issues. The person told me to download this application called so they can go on my computer. The guy that called me the 1st time had like and Indian accent. I spoke to another guy with a American accent that direct me to two websites to put in my information and one of them had Microsoft Ad. I let the SERVICE TECHNICIAN: THOMAS OGWIN to start the process. The Indian guy called my cell phone and my house phone to ask for a payment. They fixed my computer but I am concerned and suspicious.

Sandra –

Victim Location 55768

Type of a scam Tech Support

On April 15, a young man with an Indian (from India) accent phoned me from "Windows Technical Support". After I greeted him, I asked the name of his company, his phone number and where they were located. He said LT (as in Lion, Tiger) Global in Orlando, FL. He stated that a problem was reported to them about my computer. I said there is nothing wrong with my computer. He said the problem makes my computer run slower and slower and would eventually ruin my files. I asked for his extension number again, and that if I found a problem, I would call him. I also asked for the name of the program that causes the problem so I could check it out. He never gave a phone number where he could be reached. He said that right now, after I turn on my computer, he would give me the information and it is a free service. I asked him to take my phone number off their list, because we really weren’t interested. He kept saying the problem was really going to harm my computer. I asked if his conscience bothered him from scamming people. He eventually hung up.

Several months ago, I tried to play along as if I were on my computer and following his prompts, as he told me what I should be seeing. After several of his leads, he wanted to get into my computer’s control panel. He didn’t ask for money, but I could tell that his motive was either to steal my files or attach a virus or worm on my computer. I told him I didn’t have any more time, and I hung up.

Similar calls have been made to us weekly, sometimes daily in the past year by young men with Indian accents and different names having call center noise in the background.

We have told them that we are on a "Do Not Call" list (we are), that we are REALLY not interested, that we know it is a scam, that we are reporting them, that they should quit that company and get a real job, and if they knew Jesus. We have even blown sirens in their ears– they still keep calling. Sometimes we just hang up if there’s a long silence before anyone responds when we answer the phone, since we do not have caller ID. (Their number probably wouldn’t show up anyway.)

In the early stages of this scam, they asked how many computers we have, but if we asked them anything that wasn’t on their script, they would hang up. They have used vulgar language, and are completely unprofessional.

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