Lt Kevin Pryce Badge # 1170

Lt Kevin Pryce Badge # 1170 Scam or Legit? Check Lt Kevin Pryce Badge # 1170 Reviews below.
Sara –

Victim Location 32534

Type of a scam Other

BEWARE – SCAM ALERT!!! Today Nov 8th 2018 I received a phone call from Lt Kevin Pryce, Badge #1170 Phone number 850.203.3719 Ext 134 and said he was from Escambia County Sheriffs Dept. He asked me if I was (My Full Name) I said yes. He asked if I knew that I missed my appearance for Federal Jury Duty. I said no. He said that at this time due to my “F.T.A. Failure to appear there was a C.O.C. Contempt of Court and both require fines of 325.00 each He said the judge has waived the fees however he needed me to maintain contact with a cell phone. He said do not hang up and maintain communications with him as he needed me to come to the Sheriff’s Office now located at 1700 W Leonard Street. He said he needs to close out this case and I will be required to provide 2 forms of ID and I need to leave immediately. I told him I never received any such letter and that I was uncomfortable with his tone and the phone call. He explained he was just doing his job. I then asked to speak with the on duty desk Sergeant and he said he is a LT and he is over the entire division. He then proceeded to ask me information about me that of course he would have already had and I knew something was VERY wrong and told him so. He so not a problem, he told me to stay where I was and that he would have a deputy pick me up and then I heard him use his radio with dispatch. He then hung up on me. He was VERY professional, intense and believable. I called the non-emergency line 850.436.9630 and asked for a Desk Sergeant. After a short wait he come on the line and I began to tell my story and he laughed, so I stopped and said…. Is this a scam, he said oh yeas and several people a day fall for it. What I missed was that he would have me stop at a CVS and send some form of payment to clear the pending case. The Sergeant asked me to tell all of my friends and worn them of this new SCAM, so this is what we are doing.

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