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Caroline –

Victim Location 01801

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Online Purchase

t cost me $500.00 for a $4.95 purchase

In November of 2016, while on-line, I was offered a trial sample of Lucenne skin care. I received the product and was not impressed with it. I thought, "Oh well, it’s only $5.00." The next month I got a package with no logo on it, just a white box. not knowing where it was from, I opened it. It was the skincare product. I made a mental note to call them. However, I forgot. A month later I got the same white box. I wrote "Return to Sender" on it. I ran into my mailman as I was walking down to the driveway. He offered to take it for me. So, I figured, if I sent the product back, they would cancel me out. Two weeks later, I got the white box twice in one week. I write RTS again and the mailman picked up both boxes.. This time I called the company. The person who answered the phone said, "We don’t take back products". I explained to her that number one: I did not like the product. Number two: I wanted my money back. She told me the only thing she could do was "take 35% "off of the last month’s order. I said, I’m not paying 65% for a product I returned. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said "He’s a very busy man". I said, "I’ll wait". She came back and said that she was authorized to take 75% off of the product. I demand to speak to the supervisor. I asked for his name and said, "Thomas". I asked for his last name. She said, "We are not allowed to give out last names." After 10 minutes or so, finally so a man who identified himself as "Joel" tooks my call. He asked, "didn’t the CSR offer you 100% refund on the last bill?" I said no. He said, "Oh, I told her to tell you that". I said, "I feel like I’m playing "Let’s Make a Deal" with him. To make a long story short: $500.00 was taken out of my account for jars of product that I sent back. I argued with him for about 15 minutes, demanding a total refund. He told me the best he could do was to take 50% off of the entire amount. He made it a "take it or leave it deal" I had already lost so much money, I felt I had no choice but to settle for that. I settled under duress. I told this supervisor I was unemployed and would now have to struggle to pay my rent.

Consumer’s Desired Resolution:

Tanya –

Victim Location 49677

Total money lost $82.92

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company offers a 14 day trial on their product that starts the day it is shipped. They give you 14 days to cancel your trial period or you are put into a automatic billing cycle. Their website states that you can cancel anytime by calling their 800# or thru their customer care email. I emailed them 7 days after my order was place and told them I did not want to be enrolled into their shippment program. I told them that I did not authorize and futher transactions from my account. I also tried calling them from my work phone and was placed on hold, hung up on and abruptly dissconected several times. I finally got thru to a person and was informed that I was past my 14 day trial and that the email cancelation was not a acceptable cancelation. I was charged $89.92 for the trial. This busines has several complaints on their Facebook page from people that have had the same issue with this company. The word SCAM appears many times. I have attemped to resolve this issue with the company to get my money refunded and they are rude to me and they hang up on me. This company has taken money from several people. They are a fraud.

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