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Lucky Plinko Scam or Legit? Check Lucky Plinko Reviews below.
Jordan – Nov 20, 2020

This afternoon the green tokens dropped approx twenty-five which did not register this is the sixth time it has happened and it seems when the cash amount is at £97.12. This is the sixth time I have contact your company and still have had no reply the if He times I sent these details from my phone mobile number is 07906926299 when the game was down loaded it informed me that on the achievement of £100.00 pounds in would cash it out.Please advise me on this I have also notice to a reply in September 2020 that your company was working to fix the problem,the amount I am currently shown £97.12. Advise me on this. Jimmy

Sheila – Nov 17, 2020

Won enough to get 2 $50 Amazon gift cards which I requested in early October. I have never received the cards and after several attempts to contact the game at the address provided but never a response. Like other reviews also got stuck at $95 and the game hasn’t paid in months. Total SCAM just like so many of these sites!

Linda – Oct 16, 2020

NO ONE WILL REPLY TO EMAILS AND THEY NEVER PAY OUT FOR YOUR WINNINGS. This game is a lie and they should be taken off the app for lying to us. We REALLY could use that money right now and NOTHING. A BIG FAT LIE

Regina – Oct 16, 2020

won a $50.00 amazon gift card 2 months ago n never got it. They wont respond either. ITS A COMPLETE SCAM. DONT PLAY IT. They are a rip off DEFINATLY

Katherine – Sep 29, 2020

Country Hong Kong SAR China

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I have played this game lucky Plinko and I’m am stuck on$94.05. I got twice enough to get $100 and it stopped paying. I am very upset that people would do this. They need to be sued and the money taken and given to the people who have been scammed. This is what China is known for scammers.

Leslie – Sep 05, 2020

Victim Location 24112

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I downloaded lucky plinko and it promised to pay money upon winning the game, and you could also win gift cards for amazon etc… I played the game and I have since won at least $200 but when I went to cash out, they never paid anything. I have tried contacting them through the email that they provided but they will not respond. It seems we only make money for them through the ads that we sit and wait through but no prize money for us.

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