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Mark – Nov 05, 2020

I ordered the dashound puppy suppost to walk and move eyes, orderd two and a half months ago and got it today. so this is what i received a poodle and it is 2 inches tall and does nothing it would be 2 for a dollar at a dollar tree, it is awefull. i paid $28.98 for this i hope everyone will read this and never order anything from them…

Evan – Oct 10, 2020

I ordered 2 shepherd realistic dog’s one Yorkshire terrier and a husky still haven’t received any and I have paid for each one and money came out of my account I cannot get a hold of the company

Luis – Sep 25, 2020

ordered a yorkie dog costing $37 usd and not received it been trying to get in touch but cannot

Glenn – Sep 24, 2020

Doesn’t this constitute some kind of federal fraud? Class action suit,? Anyone?

Richard – Sep 24, 2020

Ordered lifelike husky dog. Paid $27.98 thru paypal. They took my money same day…Sept. 2. 2020. Now sept. 23. 2020 n no c or. Very disappointed with paypal.paypal needs to ck out people that they pay to make sure they are legit.

Michelle – Sep 06, 2020

Bought 2 New Born dolls , received 1 plastic nude doll, thought this was a legal transaction since I paid through a Pay Pal. What’s up. I want my money back.

Corey – Sep 06, 2020

Ordered 2 new born dolls got 1 cheap 99 cent doll, brought thruPay Pal, thought it was a good co. since it was backed by Pay Pal. Look at picture below to see what type of doll I got


Summer – Aug 18, 2020

Luckylife is a big rip off. Once you receive your items you ordered and if there is a problem with your order you will not receive a refund. They give a big runaround. Also items are not as nice as they look in the pictures. My order was $77.97 they now want to refund me $6.00 for my order which I doubt I will get. Please beware of this web site SCAM

Jenny – Aug 14, 2020

I ordered 2 life like dolls 17″long along with clothes what I received was 2 plastic naked 8″ dolls. I paid $40.00. When I seen them I was like what the *uck. This site is a real scam. Don’t know what to do yet.

Chase – Jul 30, 2020

The items I purchased were advertised on a video. It was for Vionic shoes. What I received as my order was sent in a soft package and contained 2 pairs of shoes that were not Vionic nor wearable. Ordered 7/6/20 and received 7/28/20. This has been reported to PayPal. I want to return the garbage you sent to me for a refund.

Contact me at; [email protected]

Lydia – Jul 30, 2020

I ordered Vionic shoes from you on 7/6/20. I received a package on 7/28/20 with shoes that are anything but Vionic and better named as garbage.. I have reported you to PayPal and putting a claim through for a refund. If I knew where and how to return the shoes to luckylifel for a refund,, I would do so. The contents of the package in no way resembles your advertisement. I don’t know how you get away with this.

From: [email protected]

Hannah –

Victim Location 98031

Total money lost $125

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I happened to be browsing Facebook on social media and this site called luckylife popped up with some really cute wigs with great prices so I looked over the site and I thought it looked pretty legit, so I ordered 3 thru pay pal for $125 on Feb 2nd 2018 and waited a couple weeks and checked online to see if they had received my order and it looked like they did because my order status said paid but unfulfilled so I just figured it would take them a minute to fill, well I checked back a week later and it still said the same thing, so I sent them an email with no response. I went on Facebook to the site and I noticed there were a lot of women commenting on the wigs and contemplation making an order and conversing back and forth with the seller so I chimed in and asked how long it would take for the orders to be filled and no response, I then went to a different post on the same site and complimented on one of the wigs and they responded asking if i wanted to order one and I said I already did and haven’t received it yet and how long will it take and they didn’t respond. Today March 9th 2018 I noticed yet again there were a lot of women on the site talking back and forth to each other as well as the seller about ordering wigs so I went under each of the women’s posts with a copied and paste saying I ordered 3 wigs on Feb 2nd and my order status still says paid and unfulfilled please be aware and don’t do it this is a scam, unfortunately shortly there after i received a notification from Facebook telling me my post has been reported as spam and taken down, I also went back to try and post something again and was unable to.

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