Luckylife8 Scam or Legit? Check Luckylife8 Reviews below.
Brett – Feb 13, 2021

I ordered an interactive bear with accessories from luckylife8. I received a tiny seated bear with no accessories, no where near what I ordered. Filed a complaint with PayPal after luckylife8 refused to refund my money. Folliwed PayPal directions exactly and returned the bear, was then denied my refund claim as PayPal stated I didn’t follow their directions.

I have pictures, submitted pictures and am out 34.99. My next step is with Synchrony financial who oversees PayPal credit. Total scam and from all of these complaints it appears PayPal is in on it!

Leslie – Dec 02, 2020

Hice compra de esta muñeca hace poco más de 3 meses, no recibí paquete y el número de rastreo que me dieron dice “caducado”, he enviado varios correos pidiendo informes del artículo y solo dicen”lo siento, espere de 10 a 15 días, luego de 3 a 7 dias” y al final que consulte con mi correo postal. Ahora dicen de un reembolso pero cobrando gastos de envió…que envió cobran si no hay paquete recibido? Alguien que me indique por favor donde denunciar?

Edward – Nov 28, 2020

I ordered a back bed rest almost 3 months ago. I have written and gotten a response that it is on the way. Likely story. Definitely a scam worth $35 of my money. Don’t order from them. This kind of website causes you to not order anything online. You can’t be sure if you can trust the site.

Audrey – Nov 11, 2020

I ordered this quit little dolls on line on September 22, 2020 . Never received them and have now learned they are a scam. You receive some cheap ugly doll that’s nothing like you ordered. I haven’t received anything yet. Don’t think I want to!. I have contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges 11/11/2020.

Jamie – Nov 07, 2020

This is a scam from the get-go. They show beautiful dolls that you can pick from to order. After waiting 5 or 6 weeks I received a cheap vending machine doll. I have contacted my credit card company to see if I can get the $35.98 refunded!

Jose – Nov 11, 2020

That’s the same amount I paid for my “realistic Yorkie” that is shown on the ad running rolling over blinking his eyes. Here’s what I got. Scam

Hillary – Nov 01, 2020

Paid for top picture
Got bottom picture
So disappointed

Jimmy – Nov 01, 2020

Saw these adverts on face book in August
I always check reviews for scams, they looked genuine so paid the money for a lovely doll with clothes for £29.49. Just got it delivered today 1/11/20. What I got was a very small thing which my 8 year grandaughter could has made and it’s

Charlotte – Oct 30, 2020

If I ever get a resolution through PayPal for the money that PayPal allowed a company to steal through dishonest product theft by not delivering orders they accepted. The very first thing I am doing is cancelling my PayPal
Account, they are just as bad … if not worse than the Chinese SCAM companies they KNOWINGLY allow to do business through PayPal… And then PayPal adds insult to injury by NOT helping their customers recoup their stolen money, by stringing them along with frivolous responses but no financial resolution. So! That makes PAYPAL a SCAM company
Also! And I no longer trust PAYPAL & want NOTHING to do with their company… .

Marvin – Oct 30, 2020

May the Dear Lord Forgive but… where is a huge mountainous tsunami when you need one…
look out CHINA…KARMA is coming for your entire country of evil, thieving scam companies…
The Money you steal will NOT protect you from the Lords wrath…

Sarah – Oct 30, 2020

And PayPal has the audacity to tell you to contact the ’SELLER’… any contact information for ‘LUCKYLIFE8’
Is bogus, a disconnected phone number & no working email… there is no way that PAYPAL doesn’t know that…
And! Emails I receive from PAYPAL are beyond suspicious as they are worded like they are coming from CHINA?
Anyone reading ALL THESE COMPLAINTS, SHOULD CANCEL THEIR ‘PAYPAL’ accounts too… as soon as they can, if they are lucky enough to get a resolution to their claim. Send a clear message to PAYPAL, YOURE GOING TO sink
With the dishonest CHINESE market you’ve created & allowed to do business on your site!

Blake – Oct 27, 2020

V zaří jsem si na tech stránkách koupila dvě reborn panenky,za měsíc přišly ty dvě plastové na fotce,vznesla jsem námitku na PayPal,”prodejce”poslal návrh jako kompenzaci a omluvu vrácení 4USD,s tím jsem nesouhlasila,vznesla jsem opět námitku – opět přišla odpověď -tentokrát byla nabídka 6,98 USD.Nahlasila jsem to na PayPal a teď čekám na odpověď,v žádném připadě se nehodlám spokojit s tímto výsledkem,požaduji vrátit částku 40 USD.

Joy – Oct 26, 2020

I ordered three real life like big baby doll’s from Luckylife8 and got three very small 9″ black plastic cheap dolls that are not worth a dollar each. They did not send any paper work inside the mylar envelope with their dolls or order info. Luckylife8 not listed anywhere on envelope, so, really no identification from the seller to compare to my order except what I made copies of. They charged my Paypal account right away and I waited for 8 weeks before I received the junk dolls they called a substitution when I complained to Paypal for not receiving my order. They made two offers of $12 and later $6 which I declined. Paypal emailed me to tell me Luckylife8 will return my money if I send this junk back. I have no clue where to send them and know it will never get back to them and be out another large amount of money if I did because I would have to register it for signature to mail back. I’m very upset with Paypal for not making these scammer’s pay back in full as they continue to scam other’s through them. I’m thinking seriously to close my account with Paypal. My grandbabies will not be getting the Christmas presents they wanted. Paypal should do thorough background check on these sellers before they release money to them. I’ll never buy another thing from China. I blame Paypal as much as Luckylife8 and want my money returned in full and Paypal needs to stand with their customers. I will be happy to send these dolls to Paypal and let them find the address to send them to. They should do background checks on their sellers. Paypal should have insurance to pay people back since they are not checking these sellers out and allowing these scams. Also, the scammer should pay for the return of their junk they sent and not us. I know they will never return the money they scammed from me out of for the three large dolls I originally ordered for almost $70. They will say they never received the return from what I have read on others. I have no info or address for them just some faded address and not readable. Don’t buy anything from these sellers if it has names like Luckylife8 they are thieves using the internet to literally steal from people. Do research on the sellers names and see complaints, etc. I would include a photo but can’t seem to get it to download but I do have some. They are exactly like the others on here in photo’s.

Carlos – Oct 24, 2020

Just received lifelike yorkshire terrior from this company. Thought it was battery operated which walked, cuddled… OMG what were they thinking, how could they despatch the monstrosity that arrived as lifelike! Going to try and return but need my hard earned money back first. Paypal need to strike this company off.

Victoria – Oct 22, 2020

Ordered 4 life like dolls and 3 sharks what I got was cheap, plastic, crappy dollar store dolls and sharks that were junk. Nothing was what I ordered! PayPal was of no help with getting a refund!

Leslie – Oct 19, 2020

Just received my life like French Bull dog, which looks nothing like a French Bull Dog. It was to be jointed with actions of a real puppy. Very disappointed with the companies in China, because it will cost more to return than what I paid for it. wish Pay Pal would stand behind it US customers instead of these Chinese rip off companies

Casey – Oct 17, 2020

It seem I’m in the same situation as the rest of you. I ordered 4 different items like the different dogs and kittens but like others they took my money but no orders receive. I did email one of the persons using “Beautybug6” and got a little note to be patient. I like you can’t believe PayPay would allow this to continue. Also…these people that are using their names like “Luckylife8” WHO ARE THEY? They should be accountable for selling junk like this.

Fernando – Oct 15, 2020

Duo Tongguang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.,
Advertised as Real Looking. Received a carnival game tiny toy. Very disappointed. I could have bought this for 5 cents.
The Add a link for description keeps giving me an error. I am going to add the link here:
<span title="… />

Requested Refund: $28.98 USD

This item is not like the item described. It looks like a tiny stuffed toy won out of a toy claw machine. The description of (hand sculpted polymer clay nose, claws, paws
glass eyes
the head, body, and legs are connected by the plastic skeleton locking
filled with polyester and steel granules
toned by airbrush paint and art pastel for giving a living species.) is untrue. It is just fake fur with stuffing. no skeleton, no paws, no claws and frayed yarn like fur. Nothing life like at all. I feel that this is false advertising and that I got scammed.

They offered an $8 refund. I declined. Then they tell me that the lost money because of my purchase also and offered $12. They wouldn’t have lost money if they were not advertising fraudulently. This was a purchase that I paid for through PayPal. If PayPal lets them get away with this scam/fraud, I will close my account and never use them again. I use PayPal because I feel they are the safest way to purchase on-line and will stand up for you when fraud like this happens. We will see.

Gloria – Oct 15, 2020

I ordered 4 dolls that are real life looking baby dolls (2-17in) and (2-22in). The dolls I received are nothing like what the seller advertised. I disputed the case with PayPal and so far 2 of the dolls will not be refunded. The other 2 are pending dispute. The have asked me a hundred questions and I have sent pictures. I spent over $100 and asked for full refunds. They did offer me $4. These are the dolls I ordered and the crazy dolls they sent.

Garrett – Oct 11, 2020

Rip off.They will never rip me off again.Buyer beware.You don’t get what you think you are getting.Do not buy from them. You should start checking companies who accept PayPal.A lot are legit,but a lot are not.

Nathaniel – Oct 10, 2020

I have already been charged $65.97 through Paypal. I ordered two dolls. I have not received anything. It has been 6 weeks.

Brianna – Oct 05, 2020

I ordered the Realistic Baby Cat —Bella – Tiger cat and Cute dachshund Kuso & kuki – Black. Both of them came from an company called Duo Tongguang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Cost was $29.99 each. They sure don’t look like they would be that much. They don’t even move.
What I received are in the pictures.

Noah –

ordered from nishaisgood and never got what i ordered but the payment was taken out by paypal luckylife 8. It has been 2 month and no product, the web site has an email and phone # the web site is no good and the phone # is disconnected. What a scam.

Cynthia –

I ordered “Spenco” sandals from Luckylife8. These are orthopedic sandals – a Vionic shoe.
I received “Spencc” sandals. No kind of support. Cheap/cheap/cheap.
Scam. Can’t get in touch with them to return. Dispute with PAYPAL. $83.97.
PayPal invoice references correct description but, I was scammed with what I received.

Brendan –

I order a 22″ Realistic Sweet Cute Reborn Baby Girl Kinley-Cloth Body Doll for my great granddaughter and they send a black naked baby doll. I can’t get them to response to me to get this corrected. So I would say this is a scam. Don’t buy from this company. Plus they charged a foreign fee to ship the doll. I am totally disappointed that we didn’t get the doll I ordered that looked just like my great granddaughter. I have no phone number to contact them but tried by email with no respond.

Lisa –

I ordered an item and paid through PayPal and never received my item reported it to PayPal they supposed to have invesigate it now the stay the case is going to close never got refunded

Elizabeth –

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I ordered one the Yorkie Dog Casey on 8/17/2020, which was to be “Life like”! I paid through PayPal, and have never received my order. From what I’ve been reading, LuckyLife8 is a total Scam! There is no communication from them, no tracking number, no email address, no mailing address, nd no phone number to contact them. At this point, I am requesting a total refund of this purchase ($39.98)! If I need to contact PayPal, please advise ASAP! Thank you.
Carol Lynn
[email protected]

Elizabeth –

Did you recieve the item ,I wish I read the reviews first ,I ordered one last week ..

Ann –


Jack –

I have been in a dispute with paypal for a month. if they tell me to send them back, I will cancel my paypay account and contact my cc company. this has really pissed me off. facebook is allowing these advertisements from these scammers and that put others in fb jail for nonsense. I didnt spend but 40.98 but its the principle of the thing.

Lori –

We’re you given an address to return item? They make you pay for return shipment to China and it costs more than the product is worth.

Douglas –

Never received Casey the Yorkie dog ordered through pay pal on August14/2020 $36+taken from pay pal account.

Theodore –

I ordered 2 dolls as advertised on Facebook on July 28th. I have not received what I ordered yet. I did receive two very small plastic dolls that are cheap rubbish. Was this a scam? It will be reported.

Susan –

I have not received my order. It has already cleared my PayPal account. I am still interested in the kitty because of my granddaughter. Please send it to me ASAP.

Eddie –

Same as many above. Ordered two lifelike dolls. received 2 black plastic. Total scam. Offered $9 compensation. Paid 57.00. Why do PayPal have connections.

Hillary –

Bought a 17″ real life baby doll fully clothed and white, reborn. Received a cheap plastic, naked, black doll 9″.

Raymond –

Ordered toy shark Paid $39.98 when it arrived was cheap small material looked like someone had drawn on no paperwork to send back very rude when trying to get refund major scam they need to be shut down

Laura –

I hadn’t received my doll its black and not what I ordered not happy PayPal will be getting a email from I won’t my money back now

Michelle –

Luckylife8 is a scam site as well as the other sites, Luckylife 8 is where paypal shows as the website where my stuff come from. So were wasting our time reporting anything. 49 dollars to Luckylife8

Barry –

I ordered too supposed to be real life looking dolls and what they shipped me was two black rubber dolls, I could have got them at dollar tree for a dollar. this is nothing but a scam/fraud website, I asked for a refund and they want do it. they need to be shut down. good4zgeneration. Im out 40 dollars and a baby thats heartbroken that she didnt get her baby doll.

Vincent –

No recibí el producto que pedí …me mandaron otra cosa. mi 4029357733

Alexis – i ordered 2 dirndls they where not the ones i ordered, i hat to pay 156,00 euro. And they won’t pay me back i maybe can give the dirndl’s to a friend and they will pay me 8 euro’s.
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Vincent –

I ordered the hand sanitizer bracelet, it’s useless There’s no opening to fill it.I am not going to be ordering through Facebook anymore

Grace –

They advertised these real looking baby dolls on FB. I purchased two intending to be Christmas presents for the little ones. Nearly $50 later all I received were two cheap dolls that you’d buy at the dollar store for $1.00. Cheap enough you would not want to give them away. Now involving PA Attorney General’s Office and my bank for this fraud.

Anna –

Exactly the same thing happened to me. Paypal said they would refund but I must return product to seller and seller must inform them they received it. Like that’s going to happen.

Hector –

I ordered 3 hair drying towels back July 1st 2020 . I feel like I got scammed. Please respond a.s.a.p thank you. If this is the way of your company makes their money by scamming people. Shame on you. I will never order from your site ever again.
Rhonda McCulley

Ashleigh –

Victim Location 12570

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Never received product advertised on Facebook ad $70.17

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