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Michelle – Sep 01, 2020

I ordered a 17 inch Journey Reborn Doll with mouth and eyes that open, hair you can brush and skin that wrinkles like a real baby, with shipping costs I paid $38.98. I had to contact them several times to ask where the doll was. What I received was a barely 6 inch long hollow latex doll, eyes and mouth fused and no hair and the ugliest doll you’ve ever seen. When I said this wasn’t what I ordered, they offered me $3 compensation and to sell the doll or give it to a friend. They said they were sorry it didn’t meet my expectations and told me they pay high shipping costs and make Little profit which is a lie as the doll they send out is worthless. I never got my refund from them.

Yolanda – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 12561

Total money lost $38.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello, I order an Annabelles Hug Lifelike baby Monkey Doll Price 29.99 total 38.98 I kept emailing asking What happened to package. I got an email saying it it on its way . I have alot of back and forth emails. They wrote sorry. But the way it was written made me think something is not right and everytime I complained, the same note was written back to me. On Thursday June 9th I received a small box from company in Rochester New York the box said time sensitive which spook me and when I opened it , It was a small glass monkey statue with hair glued on it. I wrote to them That is not what I paid for. They emailed back its always around at 2 or 3 in the morning They stated I should take a picture and send it. I got angry I send them the picture they put on Facebook which I contacted but They have not answer. On Friday June 10 I sent back the package I have the post office proof and Tracking number. Again this weekend I reached out. I told them I was going to have someone look into them cause I think they are frauds. This morning I received an email stating If I can give to a family member sorry cause the shipping cost them. I sent a email I mailed It back saying I sent it back and I want my money back. So now I need your help.

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