Ludovic Butez

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Tanya –

Total money lost $3,750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was going to purchase my first car over the summer. I had found an ad on and contacted the seller. They had gotten back to me saying they were volunteering abroad with Doctors Without Borders (or MSF). They had told me they had a delivery man for the car and he would bring me the car to inspect. He then asked me to send him the money via MoneyGram because his delivery man did not want to handle it. He also explained how MoneyGram will not release the money without a reference number. I had also check out MoneyGrams policies and everywhere on its website it says that a person cannot receive money without valid photo ID AND the reference number. Therefore I thought it would be safe if I posted my money and then when I looked at the car and everything was good would give the fraudster the reference number. The car never showed up and he had gotten my money b

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