Luis Irizarry

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Shaun –

Victim Location 06778

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We responded to an advertisement on for a golden retriever puppy. His dog Bella got pregnant and they wanted to sell the puppies. The location was listed as New York, NY. We responded by texting the phone number that was provided. He changed his story and said that his dog Bella had died and the puppies reminded him to much of his dog so he just wanted to get rid of them. They had been to the vet and were vaccinated. He was willing to have the puppy transported to our address. The charge for the puppy including transportation would be "$400 out the door". He gave us his e-mail address to send the money through pay-pal. We sent him the money. The next day we received a text from him asking us for an additional $200 for the transportation cost. We said no the agreement was for $400 out the door. He accepted that response and asked if we were still taking the puppy, we said yes. He said he would send the puppy when the money cleared as he just finished paying his bills and had no money. The next day the money cleared through Pay Pal and he was angry that we "shorted" him $50. He proceeds to send us a screen shot of his PayPal account showing that the amount of $388.90 was all that was paid. We informed him that at checkout we selected "Seller" and pay-pal will charge him (the seller) a fee. We also proceeded to educate him that $400 minus $388.90 does not equal $50. We agreed $400 out the door. He then accused us of scamming him. We have all the text message proof. He said that the transportation company needs $50 for the insurance paperwork and the buyer is responsible. Thinking that he may not have know this in advance we agreed to pay $50 more dollars. However, he was asking for the $50 in the form of an iTunes gift card. At this point red flags went up. I questioned how an iTunes gift card which can only be used for Apple products be helpful in paying the fee for the insurance paperwork. He stated they had a Bitcoin account that the money could then be redeemed for cash and it would be faster than waiting for PayPal again. So we researched Bitcoin and saw that what he said was accurate. So I agreed and gave him the pin number on the $50 gift card. He assured us the puppy would be delivered the next day at 11 am so make sure we were home. The puppy never arrived. He no longer responds to the text messages and there is no voicemail associated with the number. The area code for the number was not AR but it was in fact Texas.

We preceded to investigate when the puppy did not arrive and when searching his phone number online we saw that he had put out multiple ads for different breed dogs and kittens on hoobley. and in different states.

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