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LuLaRoe Saceila McAnally Scam or Legit? Check LuLaRoe Saceila McAnally Reviews below.
Tamara –

Victim Location 93312

Type of a scam Charity

Saceila McAnally is a consultant under LuLaRoe. She had a fundraiser to help the victims of the California Wild Fires at the beginning of December. She posted on December 13, 2018 a picture on Facebook with a bunch of toys (the picture was stolen and cropped from my wife who actually donated the toys in the picture to the children’s hospital in Stanford back in November 2018) Saceila McAnally stated in her post, look at all the toys I was able to buy with the money raised. My wife’s fundraiser was for our daughter’s liver Transplant 1 year anniversary back in September. With help from others and our own money we bought toys and gift cards and donated them to needy families and kids to LCPH in Stanford. We have proff and a paper trail.

Saceila McAnally used our photo, knowing that it wasn’t hers and played it off like she bought all of those toys for the victims of the recent California Wild Fires. She only deleted the post after we called her out on it. She is a scam arrest. She never apologized to her customers that thought they were buying LuLaRoe products to donate for a good cause. They were deceived and given no explanation of where their money actually went to. Saceila McAnally has horrible business practices, as she said she got the photo from a friend that knew of others using the photo for the same reasons. She thinks it’s OK to screw people out of their money and keep the money for herself. She needs to own to her mistakes and actually donated her profits like she said she was going to do and show proof to everyone. She shouldn’t be a consultant for LuLaRoe, she has been reported by several people. The real victims are the ones who will never see those toys from Saceila McAnally because she didn’t donate them. She stole a picture and played it off as her own to con people into thinking she was doing a good deed. She also, made my wife and family have to justify that our donations were legit, a position we should have never been in. Saceila McAnally is not ethical, a liar, and a scammer!

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