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Desiree –

Victim Location 28451

Total money lost $20,000

Type of a scam Employment

LuLaRoe tells you that you will be a "small business owner". They sell you the dream of owning your own business. They also tell you that they empower women, enrich families and serve the community. The only people they serve are themselves. They are greedy thieves. They are currently scamming 1000’s of women by refusing to buyback their inventory as they are contractually obligated to do. As an MLM they guaranteed to buy back, at a 90% wholesale value, Consultants inventory when they decided to leave the business. They are now using "creative math" to get out of doing so. We are being forced in to selling our inventory under wholesale value because we are no longer active consultants (as we’ve already resigned). After investing 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in a company we believed had our backs, we are losing not only our faith in humanity, but our savings, our credit and some of us even our homes. 99% of us are fully capable, responsible adults who were promised this policy and this policy was the ONLY reason I agreed to join. LuLaRoe continued to oversaturate the marketplace with close to 100k consultants making selling the products IMPOSSIBLE and now makes it IMPOSSIBLE to leave the business without losing EVERYTHING. We have complained to the FTC, the local AGs and NO ONE IS LISTENING. No one is DOING anything. Now we hear LulaRoe is considering restructuring and filing Chapter 11 so all the inventory that has been sent back and all the girls waiting for checks will be left with NOTHING. This is criminal activity and needs to STOP. The owners of this company should be in JAIL and their assets should be seized and sold with the profits divided amongst every consultant that has gone out of business in the last 8 months. I personally slaved for this company for 13 months and I am losing almost as much as I made and I am heartbroken to have been lied to and manipulated for this long. It needs to stop, these people CANNOT get away with this.

Jonathan –

Victim Location 11362

Total money lost $80

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased 2 Americana items from a ‘LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant’ named Jenny Jackson on Facebook. It was a pre-sale with the terms being that I would be able to choose my pattern for each item from photos the consultant would share (as opposed to being a ‘mystery’ purchase). When I was finally sent a link to choose my items, there was nothing available in the size I ordered. I messaged the consultant and before she replied, I received a shipping notification from her. Basically she chose the items, breaking the terms of then contract, and shipped them without any discussion with me. They were the least desirable patterns and nothing I ever would have chosen myself. She later responded and offered to send me pictures of her next shipment, but never did. A week later, she offered a refund and to pay shipping. When I confirmed that I wanted to go through with the return, she never answered or provided a prepaid shipping label or any instructions. I contacted LuLaRoe directly, which is a joke in and of itself. I first sent an email and then decided to attempt a phone call. I filed the complaint on the phone and no one ever got back to me. I contacted them again, and they said they were filling out a corporate refund because they had also attempted to contact the consultant and she never responded to them. Paperwork for 2 refunds were processed and I received an email confirmation. I thought I had made progress. I was then sent an email by a different representative, a week or so later, telling me neither refund would be given and they processed them in error. They advised they would be contacting the consultant. Despite my informing them that the company had already attempted that and received no response, they proceeded with this course of action. It’s been 6 weeks since this email; the original purchase was 5/20/17. It’s amazing to me that LuLaRoe has a F for its BBB rating, so many complaints, and yet it seems no one has stepped in to reprimand, fine, or hold them accountable in any way. And as a side note, it took their ‘customer service’ one full month to reply to that first attempt to complain via email. And their reply basically was…. Hello Hello! Sorry it’s taken so long and we hope you’ve resolved your issue. Please contact us again if you need further assistance. There is literally no recourse available to the consumer with regard to this company or it’s consultants.

Kristina –

Victim Location 70070

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Has you buy scrappy clothing and has since been authorized to legally refund you. The checks bounce and are fake.

Gary –

Victim Location 15139

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In May 2016, I purchased items from a LuLaRoe consultant, Kim Lansaw (based in Maryland, USA). She failed to send me my merchandise though I paid for it. She offered at first to replace the item, then to refund it via PayPal then to send a check in the mail. She did none of these things and stopped responding to my requests for help in June 2016.

In the past months, I have made repeated requests to LuLaRoe corporate to amend this situation. They opened a "ticket" on my behalf, but within 2 days, closed that support ticket without refunding my payment or replacing my missing merchandise.

Mary –

Victim Location 19802

Type of a scam Online Purchase

LuLaRoe is itemizing invoices with "shipping charges" so that when they tax your clothing items, they are also taxing your shipping costs, no matter what state you live in. I live in Delaware. We have a law that says you DO NOT charge tax on shipping and handling.

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