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David –

Victim Location 97007

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello, back in November 2017 I saw an ad on FB for LumaBelle revitalizing moisturizer as seen on Shark Tank. You could get a 14-day free trial and just pay $4.99 shipping. I ordered the product and wish I had checked online reviews first. Lesson learned. Product arrived; no packing list or anything, just the jar of product. I tried it for a couple weeks; it did nothing for me at all. I should have then gone back to original info from when I ordered it. But did not. Just before Christmas, I received another package; no label telling me where it came from. Opened it and it was another jar of product. No packing list, invoice or anything else. I went back into my email to find any email from them. I emailed them telling them I do not want this product and would like to return it and cancel all future orders. They replied few days later saying I had to speak to customer representative on the phone. Called several times; you are on hold forever waiting for next available representative. Finally spoke to someone; since my account was active I had to pay for first shipment and second shipment a ridiculous amount for each! Told them that was crazy that I could not return the December shipment; jar not open; crazy high price for product that does nothing. Finally got my account cancelled so no future shipments or charges. If I get another package like the previous two, I will return unopened. Lesson learned – check out customer reviews before ordering anything online.

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