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Luminary Skin Care Scam or Legit? Check Luminary Skin Care Reviews below.
Todd –

Victim Location 13416

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

A SCAM… I should have read these reviews before ordering the "free" trial. I ordered my "free" trial on Jan 4, 2018 for $9,85 ($4.90 for skin cream and $4.95 for eye cream, S&H). I was also charged $1.95 on Jan.5 for what, i don’t know. The trail cream was delivered on Jan.16. Then on Jan.18, I was charged $187.66. I called to find out why. I was told that according to the terms of the trial I would have to pay "full price" for the trial cream because I hadn’t cancelled within 14 days of original purchase which means I had two days to evaluate it before I had to call. How can you evaluate something like a skin cream it two days? That is not a fee trial in my book … it is false advertising. Now to the terms. The terms of purchase link is at the bottom of the advertisement web-sight ( in small gray letters. There is no mention of the terms in the body of he add, no mention of the 14 day trail period, no mention of the monthly  subscription, and no mention of the full price. You must click on the terms button to pull up this information. After speaking with Amy 080 in customer service she cancelled my monthly subscription and begrudging gave me a partial refund for my $187.66 (75 % or $140.75). She would not refund the whole amount even when asked several times. All in all the experience was very unpleasant and the advertising is very deceptive.

Kate –

Victim Location 78946

Total money lost $376

Type of a scam Online Purchase


In November I responded to online promo, with celebrity endorsements, for "free" trial and I pay $4.95 shipping, for skin care products from Luminary. Intent was to give as present to wife. First shipment was not opened until December, but a duplicate shipment came in few days later. Looked at charge card and found I was charged over $188 for the first, plus shipping and another $188, plus shipping for the second. These billings came from 2 different name companies, Nubod Skin and Nutraglo Ageless.

Called Nutraglo and was told I would get a full reimbursement, that would take about a month to be credited, for the second shipment if I returned it. But nothing for the first shipment because the "free trial" had expired. Also that I was signed up for a shipment every month, per the free trial agreement. I never saw any details about a time limit on the free trial or that I would be charged this outrageous price. I was given an RMA for the return. I shipped back both shipments that same day.

Called Nubod and was told the same thing and they had info on the prior contact. i.e. they share the same database. Got nowhere with them.


Found and called Luminary. They also had the same info on my calls to the other "companies". After lengthy discussion including calling this a scam, and I would report it to the and Mastercard and on social media, I was offered a 35% refund on the first shipment.

This is a SCAM. No info on the terms of the free trial were apparent , at least not in what I saw. Offering anything but full refund proves the lack of integrity of these companies.

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