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Samuel –

Victim Location 85006

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In Sept. 2016 I ordered one bottle of Luminis eye cream. There was some cleverly hidden box that I failed to check that the company says authorized them to keep sending me product and charging my credit card. I called them on Nov. 7, 2016 to stop all further transactions with them. Somehow on Nov 10, their system says I signed up for another "free trial". Then they started sending me Belle Epoque anti aging cream. A product I have no interest in and never ordered. I have contacted my credit card company and made sure no further payments will go this company and having these fraudulent charges investigated. I spoke to Bella Epoque today. They assured me I was cancelled and no longer in their system. I never authorized the 2 charges for $99 each, and had to pull teeth to get them stopped.

Deanna –

Victim Location 80210

Total money lost $397.43

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Belle Epoque Youth Activating Eye Cream runs an advertisement on Facebook for a free trial of under eye cream for the price of shipping, along with very sneaky add-on skin care product trials that one must be very careful not to accept while trying to close out of the shipping process for the eye cream. For the additional products you are asked to pay shipping AND a small handling fee for the free trial. There is no mention anywhere in the terms that you are signing up for recurring payments and further shipments. There is no mention how expensive the further shipments will be: $99.01 for the eyecream and $98.71 for the face cream I allowed them to trick me into trying. There is no mention in the terms of agreement that you must call within fourteen days to stop charges and shipments. Fifteen days after ordering the trial that one assumes is a one-time shipment because there is no mention otherwise, one is charged for the eye cream, along with the other products the company has tricked the consumer into adding on. While I did pay for the initial sample, I did not receive more product at the 15-day point, but was charged $99.01 for the eye cream, $98.71 for the face serum, and $1.99 from another skin-related merchant, for what I don’t know. The fact that the full charge would appear at 15 days was never mentioned either in the terms. There is no address for the company on the packing slip that comes with the product, no mention of the terms, or your account information, or mention that you are enrolled in a subscription or that there will be another shipment. There is only a company name, and a customer support telephone no. and an email address, for each separate product. Both/all separate products come in the same box, but if you call the customer support telephone to cancel one product, they tell you that you have to deal with each other product at the different phone number provided for that individual product. There are no prices listed for the individual products. In short, there is very little information on the "Packing List" and they do NOT provide you with an invoice, ever, in the process. Not at the beginning, not in the shipment. On the "Packing List" they say "Thank you for your order", and "we hope you enjoy your purchase and we look forward to serving you again. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us." One has no idea one has been signed up for reoccurring charges and shipments, and what’s worse, they changed the name of the merchant billing you for the face serum, so that one month to the next, it appears to come from a different company. The advertising, the terms agreement process, and the information provided by email and in the shipment are all designed to shroud one’s awareness one will be charged monthly and receive further shipments. When you contact customer service they insist you agreed to terms you never saw (I scoured the terms to make sure I was not agreeing to re-occurring charges: they were not there), and tell you there is nothing they can do, that you have agreed and it’s done. When I told them I would call my credit card company to cancel the charges and report them to the and hung up. They called me back and started offering to refund 25%, then 50%, then 75%, each time I told them those offers were unacceptable and that they KNEW they were deceptive and had very bad business practices. My credit card company is removing the charges except for the teaser shipment-only charges and is blocking all further charges from the FOUR different merchant names they used to apply charges to my account. Now I will be vigilant checking my statements, in case they change their company name again in order to be able to charge for more products.

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