Luminous Power Technologies LTD

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Natasha –

Victim Location 85249

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted via email from a company called Luminous Power Technologies LTD. They asked to schedule an interview for an application I had submitted, I don’t remember submitting an application to them but wasn’t sure so I scheduled an interview. The interview was to be conducted via Google Hangout and was not a phone or video interview. It was a series of questions via typing, then a link was sent for an assessment. After completing the assessment I was told I was hired for a data entry position. They said the office would be opened February 28, 2017 and until then I would work from home. They said they would send a check and I was to deposit the check, then use the funds to purchase a computer and other equipment for the job. I said I wouldn’t do anything with the funds until they clear my bank after 10 days. Until then the gentleman gave me a task to complete and I did so and sent it to him for review, he said I would be paid for the tasks completed. I even received an email with an I9 and a W4 so I thought maybe this company may be legit. The had sent me a 2nd task to complete and said out of the check I would be paid $350 for the tasks completed. He then instructed me to Money Gram $1700 to an individual and provided his name. Then instructed me to go to Walmart and send the additional $1750 to the same individual so that they could go get the funds same day. I explained I wanted to call my bank to verify the check before doing anything with the funds. The day the check was to be released it was in fact determined to be a fraudulent check and my bank took the funds from the account. When I told the gentleman what had happened and that I was reporting him and the company to the proper authorities, he then said he has my address and I should be ready for the heat since I am taking the money and running. That is when I reported this here.

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