Luminous Sweepstakes Co.

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Victim Location 03841

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

We received a phone call from a claim officer, Charles Dyke, saying that I was a second place winner of $350,000.00. He read me the number that I won. It sounded legitimate. Then I had to call a second number for, Jay Adams who confirmed the number and entered it into his system. From there, we went back to the claim officer, Charles Dyke, who gave me their website, IP address, they said we could choose which Bank to work with in receiving our funds. One of the choices was Bank of America. He said that in order to receive our $350,000.00 we would need to send them money by bank-to-bank wiring or by sending a cashier’s check. They said there was a 72 hour time constraint. They kept telling us to keep this a secret from all parties. I asked how I became a part of their lottery and he said it was from local businesses, such as grocery stores.

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