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Justin – Dec 24, 2020

They keep robbing me for 98.95 every damn month and I’m not happy about it.

Olivia – Dec 17, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam

Initial means of contact Website

I ordered a purse I was to only pay shipping and handling. I do not have credit card so used my bosses credit card. After that amount he was charged $98.95 on his credit card and it came up as lux creations. I have been trying to contact someone about getting a refund back on his account before lose my job. I have tried calling came up automated system then I have emailed them twice. They have not returned anything to me no call back no response on emails. Then I went to chat with someone and she said that she didn’t even sell purses to call his bank about where charge came from. I told her trust me he already has it’s under lux creations and told me to have them refund that amount or he was getting attorney to take care of it. I hope I don’t lose my job they took out same amount looks like most of these I have read. Is anyone responding to these or doing something about all these people that have lost money to these people. What do we need to do to go after them to get a refund done on my bosses credit card

Joshua – Dec 14, 2020

I need that money back. I have heart medication to by

Chelsea – Dec 14, 2020

Scammer’s website Luxcreation

Scammer’s address Oak calif

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Email

They took out 98.95 for a watch I only had to pay 6.99 for shipping. I am 75 yrs old. And now I can not get my meds

Phillip – Dec 05, 2020

I ordered a watch and was only required to pay shipping and handling of 6.99 on 11/20/20. My bank declined a charge on my card of $98.95 on 12/5/20 and gave me a phone number to cancel any subscriptions. Of course I called the number and was it was not answered. I understand now that this company is a scam.
Linda Smith 12/5/20

Omar – Nov 25, 2020

Realmente estoy muy enfadada, me han cobrado 2 veces $98 y no es justo porque me cuesta ganarme el dinero 💰 como para regalarlo con gente haragána que no quiere trabajar, Realmente esto no está bien, necesito que alguien me ayude a tener mi dinero de vuelta, porfavor 😢🙏, quisiera saber si los que han sido víctimas de éste fraude, les devolvieron su dinero o no?
Aun tengo esperanzas que mi dinero vendrá de vuelta, en realidad no fui yo a la que le Llegó la información si no a mi sobrino que es me or de edad y él usó mi tarjeta, por favor ayúdenme.

Cassie – Nov 22, 2020

Just took 98 dollars from me for something I didn’t order..

Cristina – Nov 18, 2020

My experience is much the same as everyone else’s, it is November 16th 2021 and they’re still at it, I thought I was getting a free watch just paying shipping and handling and they have since then deducted 9895 3 months running. I don’t understand how they’ve been able to blatantly break the law without us being able to do anything to get our money back

Benjamin – Oct 21, 2020

I won a free gift signed up paid shipping and was recently charged an amount of $98.95 and I’m not ok with it id rather send the little gift back and get my money back please! I don’t understand what happen but I had to make a payment for an up coming surgery and i was not able to make that payment do to the charge on my card so if possible please fix this it’s very important!

Armando – Oct 11, 2020

I didn’t know who Lux Creation was and why they were trying to get money
( $98.95) out of my account.

I realized through this report it’s a scam from a survey. I’m glad it was not attached to my bank account, but a pd card. They are still trying to get money weekly which is ridiculous. I cancelled card. It’s ashame how you attach yourself to a survey from CVS and other ways to get people for their hard earned money.

This taught me a valuable lesson, no more surveys.

I’ve reported to many people, BBB and Godaddy. I’m sorry that many of you had your money taken.

Dominique – Oct 11, 2020

They just tried to steal $98 of my account.
And it seems like I ain’t the only one.

Krystal – Sep 23, 2020

Okay I was going through here and I was telling everybody who had posted which I think I have covered everybody but for future people who want to report on this issue here’s some information for you check out the photo.

Amelia – Sep 23, 2020

I really hope this helps everybody past present and future

Nichole – Sep 23, 2020

I purchased a watch from Luxcreation. I was given a phone number to council subscription and when I called the number it was out of order. I see they are still charging my account.

Toni – Sep 23, 2020

They are running their scam through I feel if we all report it to we may see results

Reginald – Sep 23, 2020

Scammer’s address Thousand oaks california

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I was using tophatter Penny auction app I was scrolling through the auctions that were open at the time when scrolled by and said buy this watch for $6.99 free shipping and handling I believe and I would also get $10 bonus credits to my top hatter. So I purchased the watch and about a month later a very cheap made watch came in the mail and two days after that my cash app account was hit for $98.98 by luxcreation. At first I had no idea what it was and then I linked it to the 6.99 purchase that I had made a month before. I googled information on luxcreation. And got a phone number I called this phone number and when I did they said they had no information linked to my email address or my name and that they would get in contact with hire management employees and would be contacting me back. I have yet to hear anything from them and any other time that I have tried to call it’s always been some run around story I’ve also emailed cash app cash support on several occasions trying to resolve this issue and have not had any luck. I don’t know what to do to get these people to refund my money and not only that they continually try to charge my account I have since canceled that card and got a replacement card but they keep charging me even though they’re not getting any more money it’s still ridiculous it’s harassment and I wish I knew how to go about filing some form of legal lawsuits on these people because I’m livid.I had to go a whole week without electricity because the money they took was supposed to pay my bill not only that I had a freezer full of groceries that went bad because of the issue I just don’t even know what to do.

Larry – Sep 23, 2020

I was shopping on tophatter and they had on one of the auctions scrolled by it says buy this watch now for $6.99 also you will get a bonus of 10 tophatter credits deposited to your account so I bought the watch for $6.99. a month down the road this cheap made watch arrives. And two weeks after that my prepaid card that I used to pay my bills with and make minor purchases online was hit for $98.98. I’m like WTF so I finally get a hold of the cashapp support team. Really not much help there either and these people are still trying to hit my card once a month for $98.98 and that didn’t work and now it’s becoming more frequently luckily I had replaced the card I’m extremely livid over the situation and have no idea how to get my money back and I’m trying every route possible I’m boiling angry.

Misty – Sep 23, 2020

Also whenever I tried to call lux creation they say they had no record as my name my number my email account nothing so I’m like well how are you guys able to charge me and take money they said well we’ll give us your phone number and we will get with our higher level administration and we will try to get this figured out and recontact to you and nobody ever has contacted me I’m at a standstill doing circles trying to figure out how I’m supposed to get my money back whenever I can’t get the cash out people to help me and I can’t get any information out of luxcreation..HELP PLEASE!

Nikki – Sep 16, 2020

This is COMPLETE SCAM… they had taken 98+ out of my account and now telling me some crazy info. I’m on the phone with Zach ID# 02021 and he can’t give me a good number to call back to check my refunded payment back into my account. Talking about reading the find print. Well now I know after 15 days they will charge your account several times. Okay I informed them to cancel my account and refund my money. I am returning the watch by next day mail. And will be calling them on Monday September the 21st.. 1-877-204-0625. So now I’ve been on hold for 10 min and when Zach came back he gave me a fake number 1-844-809-5265 no working number

Rosa – Sep 23, 2020

Hi I’m going through the exact same thing with lux creation and after a few hours of research and a headache and 105.95 later and having to cancel a debit card and they still try to hit that account at least once a week for $98.95 I finally started really doing research and found that they were running their business off of the godaddy domain site and I reported them to GoDaddy I don’t know if that does you any good but maybe if you report them to GoDaddy and other people do as well maybe we will see some results

Kelly – Sep 16, 2020

Whoever this is I need $98.95 back on my card I haven’t order any thing and I’m about to call law enforcement to get my money back…

Crystal – Oct 02, 2020

I didn’t order nothing I need my money back cand

Javier – Sep 23, 2020

You should look up at the other post that I posted but I discovered that they are running their website from GoDaddy I think if we all complain to GoDaddy enough that we might see results

Meghan – Sep 14, 2020

I saw a survey from cvs I went through it and believe that I won a bag and just have to pay f$6.99 for shipping now check my account luxceation withdraws $98.99 from my money calling the #like the phone is off the hook I want my money and I want these people jail for fraud and embezzlement

Dominique – Sep 23, 2020

They are running their website through GoDaddy I’m going through the same thing I think we all report it to GoDaddy we might see results

Paul – Sep 07, 2020

i dont even know what LUXCREATION8772041881
is but all i know is that i want my money back i dont know why they took my money but i want it back i dont even know nothing about lux creation but i know that they are in THOUSAND OAKS, California 913605559

Cassie – Sep 23, 2020

As I’ve posted the other post ahead of this one they are running their website through I think we all report the abuse to GoDaddy we might see results I’m threatening with lawsuit

Patricia – Sep 07, 2020

How do I cancel any Subscription or like anything that involves luxury creations to make them stop taking money from me

Dominique – Aug 13, 2020

This company is a nightmare & I’m annoyed at myself for assuming that because I saw Amazons name I naturally assumed it was creditable . Well as all of us know what a bunch of crooks these Lux People are … I called ,,, no satisfaction xx Being shipped from Canada,,DHL, package Reads from Fulfillment Savannah Ga.’
But I am writing to Amazon and telling them what is going on under the Cover Of The Amazon … Hopefully , Maybe,, Perhaps .. someone will see it and care.. lol What do you think…


Joanna – Sep 23, 2020

As I posted on the reports above yours they’re running their scam through we should all report the abuse to and maybe we’ll see some results

Jenny –

Was charged 98.95 on my credit card falsely by someone who frauduantly got my credit card info and never made any purchase of anything from this site.

Olivia –

Luxe creation is being run through report the abuse to we all may be able to see a refund

Anne –

This company is a scam they said they were Amazon that I won a free gift which was a white for $6.99 is all I had to pay for shipping then they turn around and charge me $98.95 for the last three months I told him to stop and they still keep doing it they say it’s a subscription I said cancel it and give me back my money they just hang up on me over and over and over someway somehow I need to get them to stop ripping me off if I knew where to go I would drive to the place and beat somebody’s butt

Dennis –

They’re running their scam through I think that if we all report to GoDaddy we might see results I’m honestly threatening with law student well not just threatening I’m really seriously going to file a claim against them because not only have they charged me $98.95 once they have attempted to do so five more times

Armando –

They said it was an Amazon gift that I had one and if I pay 699 that $6.99 they would send me a Watch then but three weeks later they charge me $98.95 for the last three months I’ve told them to stop and they say no and hang up on me I try to talk to him later to tell me that it’s a subscription and then hang up on me I told him to stop but they keep taking my money this is BS somebody needs to do something somehow I wanna know what I need to do to stop this who would I contact because it doesn’t seem to work anybody else I contact

Tonya –

Their domain site is through I think that if we all report the abuse to because it is a scam we may be able to see some results and get our money returned I am looking into a lawsuit against lux creation

Logan –

Bought sunglasses and not really what I like want to return them. not real great cheap sunglasses. Thought they were thru Costco company fraud

Martha –

they’re running their scam through we should all report it to and maybe we’ll see results and hopefully get returned our money to our accounts

Jodi –

My debit card was just charged for 98.95 for a watch that was advertised for free and I paid the shipping fee as well. What’s going on I’ve been scammed?

Latoya –

Followup. I just called and unsubscribed and thank God my card wasn’t charged and hopefully never will. Thanks for the free watch LuxCreation. Next time I will be sure to read or search for fine print.

Oscar –

Victim Location 12983

Total money lost $197

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking online and saw offer for free watch but needed to pay $6.99 for S/H.

I received the watch (very cheap), with NO information to return or cancel. This fraudulent company charged my credit card $98.55 TWO times.

DO NOT fall for this SCAM!!!!

Fernando –

Lux creation compny is robing the insocent people . i saw the ad in face book watch 6.99 then they charge 98.99 when call back not refund . this is fraud compny looting inocent us citizen this is big scam . pl make action aginest make all refund . thanks . shahid shah va.

Christopher –

They’re running their scam through I think if we all call and report the fraudulent abuse we may be able to see results and get our money

Toni –

My father – age 79 – saw an advertisement for a “free” watch just pay $6.99 shipping so he paid $6.99 on his credit card. A few weeks later he received the “free” watch. Unfortunately, he didn’t read the fine print to cancel within the 14 day window and has since then paid $98.95 for the last 3 months. When I contacted the company to ask what the charge was on his most current credit card statement as my father had not received any merchandise. Long story short, Lux Creations or the Luxury Watch Company is a definite scam. I have been hung up on, put on indefinite holds and hung up on again by Lux Creation. Please beware and protect your aging parents from parasites and scam companies such as this. I also plan to report this company to the Better Business Bureau and publicize to as many other sources as possible, their unethical business practices.

Andre –

They are running their scams through I’m looking into suing luxe creation but I have also reported the abuse to and I feel if we all do so we may be able to see some results they’re going to want me to shut up I promise

Charlotte –

I was charged $6.99 on 03/14 and then started to get charged $98.95 monthly. So they owe me 98.952 and 6.99. So I called my bank and they deal with it for fraud but then charged me for dispute.
No. I didn’t authorize lux creations for any charges and did not get any merchandise from
So refund my money ASAP! I had to change my credit card and still was charged. This company has to be punished. They did something like that last year to my account.
The number shows 8772040625

Edward –

They’re running their scam through I feel if we all report the abuse to we may be able to see some kind of action taken and hopefully our money returns to us I’m also looking into a lawsuit against lex creation and from the sounds of it I’m pretty sure it’s going to be class action

Jeremy –

How do I get it to stop how do I cancel my Subscription

Zachary –

Same exact thing keeps happening that happened to me aswell! Took a stupid survey and because I took the survey I thought I was only paying $6.99 for shipping for this guady looking type watch then got an email today saying I was charged $98.95 so I called my bank but it’s Sunday so of course I couldn’t get a hold of them so I called the company that had a number in the email they sent me and told them what is this charge and why am I be charged they said what they tell everyone probably bla blah bla and I said look buddy that money is not your to take if you don’t have my money refunded I will have my father who is a cop and his friend a lawer get you so stop being sneaky and give me my money back because it won’t be good for you well he evidently didn’t want any heat so refunded me immediately! Good on his part because it wouldn’t have been pretty! I guess after 14 days of a subscription I never applied for isn’t canceled your card will be charged every month! Is what the man said well well then I never subscribed to anything! What a scam artist con boy this boils my blood my boyfriend on top of it was mad at me for doing the stupid survey so shame on me she have looked into it more because I didn’t over look it but I was fooled it happens all these crooks are getting away with this and it’s not ok they need to be stopped immediately! So of you are one of the people that was scammed to I’m right there with you and it’s a scam they should be shut down keep posting what there doing and get them shut down!

Dana –

The scam is being run through I’m reported the abuse to I feel we all should I’m also looking into a class action lawsuit against this lux creation company/

Tyler –

Ikr the watch doesn’t even look that great. Smh.

Charlotte –

Scammer’s phone 18772041881

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

They took money from my pay card of 98.95, telling my husband it was a gift he won. I contacted them and they said that no they didnt take that amount that all they took is what was for the cost of shipping. I told them they better put it back in my account, and in the meantime I’m reporting them to my pay card company.

Lori –

How do I get it back in my account

Courtney –

This company is running their scam through I feel if everybody reports the abuse to then we may be able to see some refunds and I’m also looking into a class action lawsuit against lux creation so the more people I have backing you on this the better

Sabrina –

They took 98.95 off my card and I did not even try or purchase anything from them. A number I have on them is 1-877-204-1881. I told them they better put the money back but in the mean time I’m calling my pay card. Plz everyone be absolutely carefull.

Morgan –

I was robbed 105.00 from this place!

Tina –

Luxe creation is running their scam through we all should report the abuse to and I’m looking into a lawsuit against this company

Taryn –

Same story as everyone on this thread. Amazon survey scam. The customer service number is 866-293-0865. They will close the subscription and with some pushing they will offer a refund. When I said that I would send the watch back, they said it would cost me shipping and a “restocking fee”. They apparently sent three watches before I got the monthly charges. I only had 2 watches in my possession, they offered a “refund” of $150. Total scam, keep posting, and calling the number to demand refunds.

Raquel –

The scam is being run through I feel if everybody reports the abuse to we may be able to see some refunds and possibly looking into a class action lawsuit considering the amount of money they have scammed out of people so the more people I have backing me the better

Jodi –

Same thing happened to me. Took a survey sent from Amazon, maybe, can’t be positive. Anyway, after survey you could choose a gift, paying only shipping. After reading Terms And CONDITIONS on most items, you were automatically signing up to be charged an ASTRONOMICAL amount every month. Didn’t mention watch. So being safe, I pick a ladies watch. As time passed I forgot about this. Then I called to check my account only to find out I had been scammed out of the full amount of the watch. I immediately tried to dispute this charge. About a week later, this ladies watch which I wouldn’t pay $15.00 for arrived. No paperwork, no return address, no possible way to contact whoever sent this. All I could find on envelope was Fulfillment Center in Savannah, Ga. Searched and searched, couldn’t find that place. These scammers have to be Stopped!

Karen –

They’re running the scam through we should all report the abuse to and hopefully we will see some results stop

Phillip –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

The very same thing happened to me with the watch. I did a survey and then it said to pick your FREE GIFT. Like the guy said, nothing looked appealing, so I chose the ladies watch. Now they have taken close to 100.00 from my bank for a watch I have never heard of. What a SCAM [email protected]

Maggie –

The scams being ran through we need to report it to

Hilary –

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

Email appeared to be a company I dealt with, like Walmart or Amazon. informed me that my prior purchases entitled me to prize, if I took a survey. I could then choose a prize. All I remember is choosing this gaudy watch for my grandson. I totally forgot about it, until months later, there was a package in the mailbox …THE GAUDY WATCH! My wife asked, “What the hell is that?”
Fred in Massachusetts
I could not remember, UNTIL my credit card statement arrived with a $99+ from ‘luxcreations’. How did the manage to do that? I don’t know, but I do know that I have never in my life paid more that $15 for a watch.

Yes, they scammed me good.

Summer –

They’re running their scam through

Jillian –

I was ROBBED and didn’t know it. Who are these THIEVES and how do I get my $$$ back? Same situation as complaint #62095. I got a cheap watch last week wondering where it came from and this week I found out that this outfit charged my card $99.00.

Barbara –

Victim Location 62095

Total money lost $105.90

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This company contacted me pretending to be Amazon after I purchased Christmas presents at the end of 2019. They said I would be getting a gift and just have to pay shipping. I picked the Fitbit and paid for it. I did receive a watch but it was not a Fitbit and just figured I was scammed out of the few dollars. Now, this month, my account was overdrawn because they took $100 out and said I was part of a contract to pay monthly.

Dennis –

They’re running their scams through we all need to report it to and hopefully we’ll see some results get our money refunded and I’m looking into a lawsuit or at least some way to get it out there that these people are bs.

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