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Raquel – Feb 18, 2021

Very similar job offer through Facebook Messenger.
Same information as above. There were three or four messages from her and when I went back to the chat, the profile was deleted and I could not reply to the chat.
Name was Thea Albertson. The profile was viewable when I got the first message and appeared to be a real person in the US, as she had a few normal looking posts with comments from friends.

Wendy – Feb 08, 2021

Victim Location 07072

Type of a scam Employment

Last night around 9pm I was contacted for a IT job opportunity through text from a +1 (567) 200-5435 phone number. Thier initial message began like this:

"I am Mrs Powell Prisca, The personnel manager/Chief Operating Officer of Luxoft Company,The company has reviewed your resume and work record and feel sure that you will be a considerable asset to our team..Reply back with (YES I AM) If you are interested, and you will be replied shortly!

Warm Regards

Powell Prisca"

The job required to work 40 hours a week as a full employee earning wages at $45.95 per hour during full working hours and the training wages were $35.75 with optional payment weekly or biweekly. After, I was told if I had yahoo messenger or Google Mail Hangout to undergo an online interview. An HR Manager messaged me on Yahoo Messenger for the job briefing and interview using ([email protected]).

Another person by the name of Warren Pavvem sent this message after answering I was interested:

"Before we proceed I would love to know more about you. That would help where to categorize you and how best to interview you.I am Mr Warren Pavven , I am the Hiring Manager to the ( am here to brief and interview you more about the opening position,Please introduce yourself and indicate your Full Name, age,sex and Location.

Luxoft is a top quality IT service provider of high-end business solutions to clients across the globe. With deep domain expertise in the finance, telecom, energy, automotive, travel and aviation industries, the company consistently goes beyond its clients’ expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

Luxoft builds long-lasting partnerships with Boeing, IBM, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Harman, Avaya, Alstom, Sabre, Ford, Hotwire and many others by providing seasoned business and technology professionals, software imagineers, who deliver high-quality, innovative technology solutions that fit the client’s needs.

We offer international delivery capabilities through our network of state-of-the-art delivery centers around the world. Luxoft`s customers benefit from the right mix of technology skills, industry knowledge, proprietary processes and methodologies, and a choice of engagement models.Here is the company website, you are given five minute to go throught the website and get back to me (

Soon we will be setting up a few branche near your location. That is why we are looking for 16 new hires to work from home. Once the new branches have been built at your location, you can either chose to work in the office or continue working from home.

You will be working online and from home, the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice, the Wages is $45.95 per hour during full working hours and the training wages is $35.75 and you will be getting your payment weekly or bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck and the maximum amount you can work a week is 40 hours.if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor….. Let me know if you are interested so we can proceed.?

Benefits: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts

Working hours are flexible,all activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, i will assist you with any difficulties by email.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITY:Tracks data and source documents.Prepares and sorts source documents, and identifies and interprets data to be entered.Compiles, sorts and verifies data for accuracy.Contacts responsible parties or clients from other organisation to resolve moderately complex questions, inconsistencies, or missing data. Also perform Records keeping, keyboarding/data entry and performing a variety of other office tasks account balancing, invoicing recording,proper data analysis of sales records and recording pay slips into accounting database all these will be done through the use of the accounting Software, such as faxing or emailing confidently and positive attitude online from home.

Can you handle these duties effectively if trained towards it?

The supervisor, who would be attached to you online, he/she would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the microsoft office tools and the accounting software. Now the function of the accounting software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed, sent to your supervisor via e-mail.

You will undergo a one week training from your training supervisor,he will training you on how to work with the programs accurate and other data entry works you will need to get done.Your training is going to be done online through your pc and phone.


How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or Bi-Weekly/Direct deposit

or Wire Transfer ?

What bank do you operate with to see if it tallies with the company official company payment salaries?

You ‘ve been impressive so far and I think you will be a perfect fit for this position.For your consideration stand,You have a good news, The good news is….You’ve just been confirmed qualified for this position.

You are now given a chance to show your commitment,charisma,diligence and be a productive employee.During your training and orientation my supervisor’s will reach you via e-mail or phone for your position offer-documents and your working papers. Also they will put you through our company’s guildlines under US human Resources Laws and Regulations okay ?

In the mean time i need you to provide me with the following requested info for verification purpose

Name :

Address : (PO Box Not Valid)

APT # :

City :

State :


Cell # :

E-mail address:

so that my secretary can put you on register, ) Once done let me know.

To enable you sit for this job and position, there are working equipment and software’s which are required for this job position. This is because you will be working from home and you will not be using any of your equipment due to the new version of software’s that is required for this job, note that all expenses are handle by the company.

Is that clear ?

Before you start work you will receive a payment , you will be using this payment to set up your mini office by purchasing accounting software’s plus the shipping logistics, because we will be sending you some equipment you will be needing to start work with, immediately you get this payment you start work.

You will get started with work ASAP,The company will provide you a free Hp laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4 form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with,you are to purchase all your materials from a certified vendor we have been patronizing for years now.

You will receive a paycheck for the purchase of the working materials,the company’s accounting dept will issue the check and have it sent to your house via USPS,they will have it sent to the address you have just provided so i suppose the name you provided is same on your bank info?

The company will issue you a Check to enable you purchase all the EQUIPMENTS you need to start work with.

NOTE: All software’s are to be purchased from the software office the company has been buying from for years now.

You will be notified with which of the software’s office you are to purchase the software’s from as soon as the check get to you.

Once you receive the check, you are needed to have it deposited into your bank account and then the funds will be credited and available in your account for cashout the next day morning and it will be used for the purchase of the working materials.

All we need from you is good work and trust and you will enjoy every moment working with us.

Alright that will be all for now,you are adviced to be online on here 9am tomorrow morning for more task and update Okay ?"

I agreed to have another online interview today at 9AM. This offer seems to good to be true almost unrealistic. Please help me determine whether this is a legitimate offer or a fraud.

Erica – Feb 05, 2021

I just had the same interview for the most part. They want my bank log in and password. I find that extremely sketchy and will not provide that. Has anyone continued on and actually received the money?

Abby – Jan 18, 2021

I just got an interview with 90% of the same words used, just for a different position. Now they want my credit card info to “deposit money” to my account to purchase equipment I need for the job working at home… sounds like a scam.

Kelsey –

What was your result? I’ve actually gone through an interview myself and it feels the same for me…to good to be true.

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  1. I received the same information and once they asked me to send my identification over instant messaging I said I didn’t have it with me and researched it more and saw this page. Then I called them out on it and they deleted the whole instant message.

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