Luxor Party Pomeranian Pups

Luxor Party Pomeranian Pups Scam or Legit? Check Luxor Party Pomeranian Pups Reviews below.
Wesley – Sep 20, 2020

Victim Location 11204

Total money lost $1,050

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking forward to buying a Pomeranian and I came across this website that said it had Pomeranians for sale. The website seemed pretty real and as a first time online buyer I fell in love with a really cute black and white Pomeranian. I contacted the “seller” and he emailed me back at night and gave me pictures of the puppy and some information and I made payment (1050$) and he told me he was going to send the puppy out the next morning and I would be able to get it by that night. I already suspected that this was a scam but I was kind-of willing to look over it because of how cute the puppy was. He emailed me a tracking number and a website for this “shipping” company. I ended up searching of the this company exists and it turns out it doesn’t. The next morning the “shipping company” called me and told me to make a payment of 1700$ for pet travel insurance that was going to be refunded back to my account after the puppy had safely made it to my house. I didn’t pay this and they threatened that the puppy would be sent to animal shelters. I contacted the “seller” again and he didn’t seem to care. He barely answered me and told me he was at work as a “nurse” and told me to pay the fee because it was refundable anyway. I’m a freshman college student and 1050$ to me is a lot of money and for people like this to not care and scam people of the money they barely have deserve to be locked away and sued of every penny and more of the money they scammed from others.

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