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Johnny –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Saw an ad on Facebook for promoting long lashes, went to the website and had to put in my shipping info to see the price of product. I right away exited the website without completing the order. I then received the item in the mail a while later and then shortly an invoice to follow. I then emailed them to send me a paid return envelope so that I can send back their item which I never ordered in the first place. I told them I was on to them and know that they have been scamming people across the world. The sample item even looks very suspicious with no product details on it just a name and no detail on the box or bottle.The company totally ignored my email request to send me a paid return envelope and went on to send me a 2nd invoice threatening legal action. I’m a very cautious shopper so when it popped up on Facebook I thought they were good to click the link as I wanted to find out the price but had to put in my personal address in order to get the price…..exited as I was no longer interested and then got hit with an invoice….such a scam….they will not get a dollar out of me.

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