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Matthew – Oct 01, 2020

Victim Location 33029

Total money lost $535

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

They called us and mentioned that they are related with Hilton. We had booked vacation packages with Hilton before so we felt it was legit. They told us about 2x 4 nights to Mexico or Costa Rica for 535 USD. As we had done the timeshare presentation we don’t have to do it again, but only have to tour the facility. We agreed and were told we get a confirmation within a few hours. A few days later we got the confirmation and immediately called to book our first trip. We booked for End of November and were told it takes 48-72 hours till we receive a confirmation. 7 days later nothing, and we were told it takes up to 7 business days (we should read their Terms & conditions). 9 business days still nothing, we called again, always excuses, we first have to sign the Terms and conditions, They send them now, and then 24 hours later we get a hotel confirmation. We never received the terms and conditions even after calling several times, never received a hotel confirmation either. Their homepage is not very professional and we now doubt if its legit. We are currently in contact with our credit company to dispute the charges.

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  1. I just got the same call 6/8/2022 and was so glad to read this review while on the phone because the connection will the Hilton timeshare experience made me think it was Hilton I was speaking with. They must have purchased our info from Hilton. Makes me hate Hilton more too!

  2. Same experience as above.

    Do not pay these scam artists a penny. They lie about who they are and they misrepresent their package. Waiting for AmEx to handle it, but I am furious.

    Upon requesting a manager, I got as far as one jerk who claimed to have nobody above him. He says all purchases are non-refundable and has no idea what the 3 days right of rescission is. Claims this is not a contract, so it does not apply. They are not part of Hilton despite what they say. Anyone on here who speaks positively about them must work for them.

    Avoid this company like the plague.

  3. Hey there I received that same call, I actually went through the entire process and unfortunately the communication is weak between the luxury brand agent and the resort itself. It took us a very long time to get confirmation from the resort and the fine print states, Do not purchase airline tickets until confirmed from Resort. We received our confirmation 2 months before our trip. Now keep in mind, I gave my dates as early as 1/10/22 for a 8/17/22 trip, much in advance, i wanted to purchase flights in February. Nonetheless we made contact, received our information, booked flights and had the time of your life in Cancun Mexico at dreams riveria all inclusive w/ an upgrade (upon request) for a preferred member with top
    Tier access as if a exclusive member. With all this to be said I bought the Luxury diamond resort package for 2 trips (5 days 4 nights) & 8 days 7 nights) for $400 total. In return listen to our salea presentation for 2hrs, which the sales team will hold you longer to close a deal on you. If you have a strong NO game and can tolerate sales
    People go for it. I am a peoples person so I always take something away from the salesman approach and I respect the hustle. I was very patient with them and road it all the way out, most people would not do that, therefore it may not be for you.
    I am booking my 8 day 7 night trip in November for Costa Rica in March

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