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Jodi –

Victim Location 20120

Total money lost $54

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Dear Sir/Madam,

I became a victim of online fraud. On 17 of December I choose a wallet on the following website: Once I went through all steps of purchasing it on that website, I received the email with the instruction on how to make payment, below there is the email from this address Icy Christie which I got:

Thanks for your order from, I have received your order # LUX-3206, Chanel Zipped Wallet in Lambskin Leather Black is available.

After 50% off for Western Union, you only need to pay $54 USD

Here is our Western Union Information:

First Name: SAIQUN

Last Name: HU

Country: China

You can go to your local western union agent send the money or you can pay through western union website online with your credit card (Visa Card and MasterCard).

How to pay on western union website online visit:

1.Please choose send money to China

2."How does your receiver want the money?",please choose send money "Cash pick up",

3."How would you like to pay?",please choose send money "Credit/debit card, In minutes",

4. Please do not fill a postscript, if you want, you can only fill in "Personal Payment", or else, we will not receive your money.

After you paid the moeny, please send us the 10-digit money transfer control number(MTCN) and the total amount (excluding transfer fee)

After we pick up the money, we will send out all your items in 24-36 hours.

Many thanks!

I followed all instructions on that email and sent money by western union, below there is a receipt:

Hyvä —,

Kiitos, että valitsit Western Unionin®. Vastaanottaja on noutanut rahat.

Tässä on yhteenveto tapahtumasta.




Seurantanumerosi (MTCN) on: 2598198154

Ilmoita numero mahdollisten tiedustelujen yhteydessä.

Maksumääräyksen päivämäärä: 17/12/2018

Lähetetty summa: 53,88 EUR

Vastaanottajan nimi: SAIQUN HU

Tila: Noudettu

Nostettava summa paikallisessa valuutassa = USD 54,01

*Valuuttakurssi: Western Union ja sen edustajat saavat siirtopalkkioista ja tariffeista rahaa, kun varat muunnetaan ulkomaisiksi valuutoiksi. Nämä tariffit voivat muuttua ilman etukäteisilmoitusta.


Jotkut Western Union -edustajat saattavat tarjota vastaanottajalle mahdollisuutta nostaa varat muuna kuin lähettäjän valitsemana valuuttana. Tällaisissa tapauksissa Western Union (tai sen edustajat) saattavat myös saada lisätuottoa, kun varat muunnetaan vastaanottajan valitsemaksi valuutaksi.

Joissain maissa vastaanottaja voi kuitenkin päättää vastaanottaa varat eri valuuttana. Tällaisissa tapauksissa valuutan vaihtokurssi saattaa poiketa kurssista, jota sovelletaan valitsemallasi valuutalla suoritettuun tapahtumaan.


Western Union®.

These Chinese people took money and never reply any of my emails. I have never received a wallet, no money. I made a research after and realized that there are many people who became victims of this company. This company exists for a long time and no one can do anything about them.

I understand that I will not get money back, but could you be so kind to help to close this website or to take some measures and this email [email protected] so that other people will not get in the same trap.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Kind regards,

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