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Jessica –

Victim Location 44026

Total money lost $7

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

AMAZON-REWARD appeared in my email with 3 decorated "EASTER EGGS" it appeared to be a reward for giving feedback regarding Amazon purchase. It was timed. You will get a gift but you have to choose between normally undesirable products that are sold out or men’s or womens watches. They barely give you enough time to choose between the two. Then you are informed there is a shipping fee of $*** (I thought it was ($***) and then they get your credit card number. Then you are to press confirm, however you need to do this quickly. Then before I pressed confirm, I read the terms to be charged $**++ a month for 12 months, receiving a watch they claimed had a much greater value. I did not confirm and received an email stating I did not confirm however later received a letter that I had confirmed it. (I made 5 attempts to get out of the app. And pray these efforts did not multiply my problem.) I called to cancel and received a cancellation email acknowledging I cancelled. To my knowledge I only have one account. However I received the very cheaply made watch which was of lessor quality of a $*** watch from China (they made more than enough money on the shipping charge for shipping and product.) I called today, 5/25/2018 and told them repeatedly "No, no, cancel, I don’t want anything. Do not charge." They were insistent to send another unseen watch and I would have to cancel again. I told them very firmly again multiple times until they agreed to cancel it and sent me an email to verify this. This is the 2nd cancellation email I received. When I called them and gave them my zipcode, they said they had multiple customers in my zipcode and needed my email address. Prior to agreeing to cancel my account that I did not agree to, he offered me to be charged $*** per month per plastic, cheap, cheap watch instead of $**.++a month. He insisted he wanted to send me another watch which he said I might like better which I insisted I did not want, repeatedly. I believe this is a scam on so many levels.

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