LXA Atticus Logistics

LXA Atticus Logistics Scam or Legit? Check LXA Atticus Logistics Reviews below.
Trisha –

Type of a scam Phishing

I went on autotrader.ca and found a car that I would like to buy, I emailed the private seller ([email protected]), who said the car was being handled by a logistics transport company (LXA Atticus Logistics–http://www.lxa-atticus-log.eu/about_us.html ) and then they contacted me to set up transport and payment. We already negotiated on a price and the company was going to ship the car and include the purchase price all for the amount we negotiated on. The website look legitimate, they have addresses around the world and even have 3 other websites refer to them in articles online. When you dig deeper online and actually try to find this business, it doesn’t exist. The company wanted me to transfer the full amount of the car to their "own" escrow company and the car would be delivered in 6 days and then I had 6 days to decide if I wanted to buy the car or not.

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