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Kristy – Aug 19, 2020

Victim Location 18328

Total money lost $6,800

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I’ve been scammed.

In the 5 weeks of July 2020 I went looking for a great dane puppy. Not every day, but trying to be up on things there was this harlequin great Dane, male. I tried for 2 weeks to get a response. Nothing.

Went back to the internet, AKC & associate for Great Danes. On warnings anywhere. Everything looked great. They had the right software, it’s a fill in form. All the breeders have it. looked very professional. I was in love with a harleyquinn female. Started right off hand calling her Z. Short for Zelda. I had an extensive interaction via texting, with what I was lead to believe was a top notch Great Dane breeder. Jack Tyler,

88 Cattle Run Dr, Phenix City, AI 36869.


$jack23v, $a69m23, [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] – Shirley Sokyem

[email protected]

[email protected] – Henock Njodzeka.

All the above were for the recipient of money. I agreed to purchase the pup they called mansuche. Price 850. 150 was for shipping. Gave breeder 1000 dollars via Google pay on 8/5 11:03am, to [email protected] Breeder said my puppy would be on a flight the following day. On 8/6 I get an email from a freight company specializing in pets. They in form me that because of the Coronavirus there’s new regulations. The cage is to small, my puppy will need to be upgraded to a larger cage. This event has a cost of 2355, but it’s 97% refundable. I thought about it for 2 days. Looked up the breeder & shipper nothing on both. Couldn’t say it was a scam, had no given proof. I paid the money. Google pay [email protected] 600. 8/7 9:33 to 9:45 (6 100 transfers).$a69m23 cashapp 1255 8/7 11:06. Zelle 8/7 500 henock njodzeka. After all these payments were made they informed me Z would make the last flight out. On 8/8 I was informed again by the shipper that again more regulations because of covid-19 there’s a matter of 1450 for vet, insurance, permit. This has to be paid or I’ll be charged with animal cruelty. I went off on the breeder. It was becoming out right crazy. All this money. Now they need more. I settled down & worked with the breeder to purchase & sell bitcoin. Wallet # qr9gly8nrcz7z7jkl3sz2gfq77n3p2kzuu5wvks6g7. 1450 + 108.75 (fee)=1558.75. It took days to get bitcoin cash to go through. On 8/10 I get another email stating there’s a 500 deposit that’s still due. I question it heavily. We went at it for hours. The freighter kept telling me to get with the breeder. The breeder hasn’t got back to me since Sunday. I got a wallet from the freight company #1JXg21BDCrSe7tPrNQZ1BzEadkTSRWfcGG. Wallet #1A1vD5qE5ZEkejhpZ8da4jndvnTLEt1yY. The wallet belongs to this Jack Tyler. Everything was paid for, days had passed & time to get my dog. To be delivered around 2 on 8/12. They never showed.

The websites are still in operation. & (TFL)

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