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Kelsey –

Victim Location 89521

Total money lost $147.28

Type of a scam Employment

I was found through vacancy board for quality control manager and LinkedIn. Anyways, an email was sent to me telling me that I had the proper qualifications and that I fit the ideal employee for their company and if I wanted more information to go ahead and reply back to the email so I did. I figured I was looking for work from home anyways and it sounded kind of interesting. I spoke with a few different people….Gina called for my phone interview, Robert Miller whose email was [email protected], and Rick Sandres (my "supervisor") whose email was [email protected] They were looking for a position involving a gift wrapper and products were going to be shipped to me, to be wrapped by me, and put it back in the package and sent off. I was take pictures when the package came of what the contents look like, of the invoice, my job after I was done wrapping, and then I was to print out a shipping label take it to the post office and have it sent and let them know when that was done. the job is to pay $1,500 a month, but could go up to $3200 after bonuses and reimbursement. They wanted your home address,your home phone number, your cell phone number, were you employed,do I have access to high-speed internet because it is necessary so I can log into my dashboard. They wanted a copy of my ID, you know the typical stuff for background checks. I never got sent any packages to be wrapped, however I did end up with one extremely large roll of wrapping paper and some ribbon and got billed an invoice for $147 and some odd cents, which had already gone to collections no longer than a week after receiving the damn bill because I also got a collections letter. Needless to say I haven’t been able to login to my dashboard for some time now.

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