Lynch Carr Printing Services

Lynch Carr Printing Services Scam or Legit? Check Lynch Carr Printing Services Reviews below.
Leslie –

Victim Location 28227

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Employment

They contacted me to offer employment as a jr wrapper specialis. They offered me monthly salary of 3000.00. I was to receive packages, inspec them and repackage and ship them

Victoria –

Victim Location 90241

Type of a scam Employment

Someone from the company in human resources contacted me through email and said I qualified for employment with their company Lynch & Carr Printing Services. A few days after a person from HR called me and went over the job description with me and answered all my questions. I was very skeptical at first because, the job sound to good to be true to get paid $3,000 a month to receive packages by mail and wrap them up nicely and mail them out. How is it possible for a company to hire outside people to do that kind of job? They did not ask for my S.S number or my bank information. I had the option to use my Paypal account. The good thing you don’t have to pay for anything the company provides all the supplies and shipping labels for you. The only thing that made me think was where were the packages coming from and if they had been purchased with stolen credit cards. That was my only concern I don’t want to get involve doing something illegal and have to pay the price for it later. Therefore, I decided not work with the company by emailing them I was not interested in the job.

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