Lynn B.Bassoon

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Toni –

Victim Location 90802

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

"Hello…a member called Lynn B. has posted two swivel chairs for sell. I connected to my delivery team, and she told me that they were available. I contacted my minister and expressed that I was traveling with cash and to await a response from me to make sure the sake was legitimate and that I was safe. I told Lynn B. that I was ready to pick up the items. She stated a bazaar incongruent statement which didn’t make sense. I asked her about it again. She asked me to stop messaging her. I will not message her, however, I think she should be investigated as possible posting an item which is not really for sell or with another intent other than actually legitimately selling an item.

Please look into this so that others time and energy isn’t unnecessarily wasted and that in case it is pure fraud, she is removed from Next Door AP.

Thank you.


"I have someone coming for the chairs later today willing to pay my full asking price.

…., lucky for you, the other people found something else. Are you still interested in the swivel chairs? I do have a message out to another interested person too."

My response,"Yes, yes, yes…I’ve been giving everyone I encountered since I read your "likely sold" post, such a negative disgruntled tone…because, "I genuinely want them" and they suit my lifestyle.

I would only need to know the best time for you so I can work with my contacts who are hopefully still willing and available to transport and make sure it is a solid plan and not inconveniencing anyone.

I have no idea where you are located. And if you for whatever reasons prefer to meet me with the chairs elsewhere from your ressidence or wherever the chairs are located for whatever reasons that’s acceptable too…I’m.a gentle, trustworthy person.

Im 95% set on them, but I would like to ask a couple of questions about them if you have answers…"

Her response,"Sorry, other people changed their mind. They are gone."

My response,""they" as in the chairs are now gone? That’s fine if so. I’m just wanting to be clear so that we don’t waste one another’s time."

Her response, after I expressed my misunderstanding, "Please stop messaging me".

My response, "Yes Mam. I will use the mute function and block anything that you post. I found your post misleading, and it caused me much wasted time in setting up delivery and waiting for response. I’m sorry you find some prejudice in selling the item to me. One would almost think that your posting false items with false pretenses to lure customers for unknown purposes. I find your communication misleading, careless of the feelings and time if others, prejudice and rude.


I understand, Lynn B. I will not message you again. My interest in buying from you or trusting anything that you post is completely gone. Peace be with you. Good bye."

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