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At a glance, their website was professional looking and inviting to the wonderful possibly of a great job opportunity, so I immediately responded to a guy called Ronald Lumb, IT Manager’s emails and said I would be happy to accept the position of Executive Administrative Assistant to the COO. They said they were moving their company to Calgary, Alberta on June 6, 2016 and I needed to search for furniture pricing, quotes, pictures, downtown Hotels to accommodate them when they arrived. They even went as far to draw up a Job Acceptance Letter that I had to sign and send back to them, which I did. I immediately proceeded to research what they had on their list. The first call I received from a guy that called himself Michael, told me that I should receive a Company Credit Card to purchase the furniture and office supplies and equipment and the cheque made payable to me for 3 weeks of salary. Once I got off the telephone I realized something was terribly wrong and I should read their website from A-Z and see if something might be out of sync.

What raised the following red flags:

• They had 3 errors on the website.

• The address and number was from 2 different Cities and the Company didn’t exist in the City in which it states.

• The Job Acceptance Letter said I would be working for the COO but there was no mention of his name. The letter stated my official start date was May 15, 2016, yet they wanted me to research pricing, etc. immediately.

• I received a cheque via UPS but no Company Credit Card.

• He asked me to immediately deposit the cheque in my bank account, which I did. After doing this, I decided to research the company and bank name’s addresses. I contacted the company and the bank and they said they have not issued this cheque and don’t have any dealings with one another.

• I kept getting a telephone call from Ronald Lumb, IT Manager asking if the cheque cleared. I said no it hasn’t, it takes 5 business days to clear. He said: It should only take 2 days maximum.

• They called me from an unknown number, so their company name would not appear on my telephone display area.

• He wouldn’t answer any of my questions regarding the Company Card and how much of that money was to be disbursed to furniture, office supplies and equipment. He kept saying: I need to speak to Michael and will call you back, which he never did.

• They had strong broken English and I could barely understand them. I kept asking them to repeat themselves.

My concerns are: they have my signature and address in their possession and I cashed an illegal cheque. I contacted my bank to advise them of this and they said all that will happen, it will be rejected and sent back to where it came from and no money will be deposited into my account.

I’ve kept all of the exchanged emails and a copy of the Job Acceptance Letter; and I’ve written down the information that was on the cheque for my records and the UPS envelope. I believe I was a victim of an online employment fraudulent act.

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