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Meagan – Oct 27, 2020

Victim Location 77479

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Employment

I have been out of a job since December. I have been faithfully applying to several jobs each week on numerous job boards so when Adam emailed me about a potential job, I asked for more information. He sent a job description and stated that if I was still interested, to please send him my phone number so we could talk more. He called me and after 2 days, had decided to offer me the job. He sent me an offer letter (which I have attached below) with his signature and asked me to print, sign and return. He then sent me a cashier’s check to pay for my computer equipment. I received the check on Tuesday, October 20th, and deposited it that day. Adam then sent me the banking information to which I was to send the money to which I did. He was very communicative for the first 4-5 days until he stated his wife contracted Covid-19 and only have heard from him once. Yesterday he cancelled the cashier’s check and now what little money I had in my account is gone. Bank said they can’t do anything until I file a police report. With all of the mess that’s going on right now, I doubt the police will take the time to do anything about a $2900 scam.

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